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international Virtual Core

The International Virtual Core is the central steering and delivery group of the NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health. The Virtual Core provides key input to all our projects and initiatives alongside the panels and committees that provide strategic oversight and governance across all our activities.

The staff within the Virtual Core form the Projects, Operations and Strategy Team (POST), which is more regularly involved in driving forward all projects and initiatives. The POST also works with several external consultants in the UK and local staff located in India. The Visiting Associates (voluntary members) of the Virtual Core bring key collaborations with multiple institutions and organisations as well as a diverse range of expertise as a think-tank. Several NNEdPro co-supervised research studentships are also hosted within the voluntary membership of the Virtual Core, and two graduate studies forum meetings are held each year. Periodically, we also host internships within the Virtual Core.


A combined subset of remunerated and voluntary members currently serve on our Board of Directors in the capacities of either Assistant, Associate or Full Directors. A subgroup of directorial members are registered with UK Companies House as Persons with Significant Control (PSCs).

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