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NNEdPro magazine

Anna Edesia is a quarterly magazine, named after "Annapurna" (the Hindu deity of food and nourishment) and "Edesia" (the Ancient Roman goddess of food). Our hope is that this magazine will provide a snapshot of our key projects, ongoing research outputs and related publications - including from our flagship journal, BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health.

6th Edition
Jun 2023
5th Edition
Feb 2023
4th Edition
Sep 2022
3rd Edition
Feb 2022
2nd Edition
Nov 2021
1st Edition
Jun 2021

Complete Nutrition

CN Articles

NNEdPro contributes to a regular column in the Complete Nutrition Magazine that has a readership of more than 70 000 researchers and physicians in the UK. Current NNEdPro work in the field of nutrition research and education and the importance of incorporating nutrition in different aspects of the medical school curriculum is regularly published in this magazine. 

Please browse our articles below to see what we've been up to!




Other Articles
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