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BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health 

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BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health is a new journal co-owned by NNEdPro and the BMJ Group, launched at our 4th International Summit in Cambridge on 20th July 2018. The journal is dedicated to publishing high quality, peer reviewed articles that focus on diet, exercise and healthcare technology on health and wellbeing.


On the Journal Launch


“The creation of this landmark journal – BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health – comes at a pivotal time, particularly as the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health have been working for the past decade to strengthen the translation potential of nutrition science for best practice. This journal will give nutrition and public health researchers the opportunity to ensure that a dynamic evidence base reaches both policy makers and practitioners. This will give patients and the wider public, the best possible chance of receiving quality-assured nutritional solutions to prevent and manage disease, as well as to improve health outcomes.”

Prof. Sumantra RayNNEdPro Founding Chair and Executive Director


"The Journal will value contributions that advance practical and evidence-supported nutrition solutions for urgent health challenges. We want to hear what would be most useful for those that can translate new knowledge into better health for their communities. This will help to then engage with researchers and seek high-quality contributions responsive to the recognised priorities. We will not shy away from difficult topics, but will work hard to avoid the fad of the day.”

Prof. Martin KohlmeierEditor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief Prof Martin Kohlmeier, director of the Human Research Core and the Nutrigenetics Laboratory at the University of North Carolina Nutrition Research Institute and NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel advisor, published a launch editorial titled 'Nutrition is a Hard Science'.

Prof Sumantra Ray, NNEdPro Chair, also published an editorial in the journal titled 'Tackling a tidal wave: sound nutrition knowledge today for a better tomorrow…'.

BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health is now accepting submissions