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[Nutrition Equity and Population Health]


Social enterprise includes ventures and initiatives intended to contribute towards nutritional equity and population health, having resilience in the community and supporting a range of initiatives aimed at social impact. This involves:​ 

  • ​ Mobile Teaching Kitchen International (MTKi) Initiative  

[including the ‘Bhavishya Shakti’ Co-operative Society in India] 

  • The International Food and Nutrition Trust  

[including Regional Awards Scheme​ for Excellence and Impact] 

  • Direct Action and Social Impact Incubator​ 

[including Digital Application Development and Public Engagement] 

  • Junior Ambassadors Club 

[including the Kids Kitchen Club Challenge and ‘The Confluence’] 

  • Virtual and Digital Operations  

[including Science Communications and represent Marketing] 


Direct action and evaluation to lessen the nutrition and health inequalities gap through building transferrable and scalable models of lean innovation and through the empowerment of marginalised populations with a focus on lesser resourced settings.

Mobile Teaching Kitchen International (MTKi) Initiative
[including the ‘Bhavishya Shakti’ Co-operative Society in India]

The NNEdPro Mobile Teaching Kitchen Initiative empowers communities by sharing knowledge and skills through the medium of culinary nutrition education linked with micro-enterprise. It aims to enhance health and wellbeing for women, children and families across communities, especially marginalised communities, and those at risk of nutritional deficiencies, as well as beyond. 


Our MTK’s are multi-purpose and serve as community hubs for malnutrition prevention, health promotion and disease prevention. Education sessions and training have continued regularly since 2018. Since then, the establishment of a Microenterprise model in Kolkata, as well as translation of the model both within India and globally by launching new MTK units has led to multiple adaptations and applications of the transferrable elements of this socially impactful initiative.

The International Food and Nutrition Trust
[including Regional Awards Scheme​ for Excellence and Impact]

This NNEdPro-founded Community Interest Company & Charitable Trust is responsible for the recognition of excellence and impact across our regional networks spanning over six continents. The trust has a particular focus on projects and initiatives that empower marginalized populations and all are focused on social good. Each year the trust runs an annual award scheme linked with the NNEdPro International Summit. 

Direct Action and Social Impact Incubator​
[including Digital Application Development and Public Engagement]

Our direct action involves public engagement awareness, education, impact assessment through knowledge exchange events, both in person, online/type and venues for social impacts include the developments facing digital apps relating to health nutrition which draw from robust science and address unmet social needs. Our virtual and digital social enterprise environment, including our links with St. John's Innovation Center in Cambridge and associated partners provides the ideal incubation opportunities for the development of digital applications and innovation for direct action and social impact. 

Junior Ambassadors
[including the Kids Kitchen Club Challenge and ‘The Confluence’]

At our 10th Anniversary in 2018 we launched our ambassadors and outreach programme with our first junior ambassador, Nikitah Ray, with a special focus on climate change, sustainability, and food security. The NNEdPro Junior Ambassadors’ Club (JAC) has now expanded and is responsible for the Kids Kitchen Club Challenge bringing together a group of tomorrow’s changemakers to foster social action through an annual cooking and nutritional awareness challenge for school children. The JAC is also responsible for a 2-yearly performing arts production (The Confluence) designed to raise awareness on sustainability action. In addition, we have also appointed an Intercultural Ambassador to champion social messaging and public awareness of key initiatives. 

Virtual and Digital Operations
[including Science Communications and Marketing]

The NNEdPro Global Institute operates predominantly virtually and digitally as a social enterprise (also incorporating an independent research organisation, an education and training centre, and advisory services) across multiple countries with its anchor in the UK. A dedicated Projects, Operations and Strategy Team runs the organisation via a virtual/digital project management system. Science communications and marketing are core operational functions ensuring dissemination and impact of our work across multiple audiences. 

As a non-profit social enterprise working independently in the food, nutrition, and health domain, we regularly interact with policy-making organisations and operate a consultative forum for policy dialogue in the UK and internationally. Click above to find out about the individuals involved.

Join Us

We are currently looking for volunteers, funding agencies or philanthropists to assist with our charity and research activities. If you are interested, please let us know! 

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