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1st July 2024 / 9:30 to 16:30 UK

In-person & Virtual

Ulster University City Campus, Belfast


17th to 20th December 2024

In-person & Virtual

Science City, Kolkata, India

The NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health and the International Academy of Nutrition Educators are excited to announce the forthcoming "Democratising and Decolonising Food and Nutrition: From Science to Society" Summit. This Summit is dedicated to fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and collaborative approach to food and nutrition research, education, practice, and policy worldwide.  


At the heart of this Summit is the concept of enhancing global collaboration. 'Democratising' involves expanding the dialogue/conversation to include a diverse range of perspectives and viewpoints to bridge the gap between traditional knowledge systems and contemporary scientific research. We recognise the importance of integrating diverse viewpoints and expertise and are keen to establish a space where every voice is included, acknowledged and addressed. 'Decolonising' involves exploring the current food and nutrition landscape, acknowledging the historical influence of specific world regions and institutions on research directions, educational content, policy development, and clinical guidelines.


Our objective is to foster an inclusive dialogue that respects and incorporates the contributions of all stakeholders, with a particular emphasis on those from historically underrepresented regions and communities. The Summit will highlight the significance of integrating traditional, indigenous and local food practices with global nutrition science by focusing on middle-income countries and their valuable insights. This approach aims to enrich our understanding and tackle disparities within the field.  


By utilising a case-based methodology and a constructive outlook, the Summit is set to identify critical areas for growth and collaboration across the four foundational pillars of research, education, practice, and policy. Through carefully examining existing studies and successful models, we aspire to uncover strategies that promote a more inclusive, equitable approach to food and nutrition. The Summit's ultimate vision is to pave the way for a future where the global food and nutrition community works hand in hand, leveraging diverse knowledge and perspectives. This collaborative effort seeks to ensure that our collective approach to food and nutrition is informed by a wide range of voices, driving forward with inclusivity and equity at the forefront, effectively bridging the gap between science and society. 


In line with the nine Summits preceding this event, all proceedings of our 10th Summit, including submitted and successful abstracts, will continue to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. 

Bringing together expert speakers from across 6 continents

Plenary sessions and interactive panel with key opinion leaders on global systems 


Scientific poster competition, workshops & 

networking opportunities

As a delegate of the NNEdPro Summit you are entitled to a 20% discount on the cost of publishing an article in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health

Summit Programme

The NNEdPro International Summit on Food, Nutrition and Health is a leading annual scientific meeting. The 2023 Summit considered ‘Sustainable Resourcing For All In Food & Nutrition Security: Creative solutions for healthy & resilient populations’, which highlighted the need to consider the inequities that exist within the food and nutrition landscape, leading us to fully explore the theme of ‘Democratising and Decolonising Food and Nutrition: From Science to Society’ in 2024.


This will take the form of a hybrid pre-summit workshop and roundtable discussion in Belfast, on 1st July 2024, and a main Summit event, also in a hybrid format, in Kolkata, India, from 17th to 20th December. These events will bring together the collective views of our regional networks spanning over 65 countries as well as a multitude of organisations, giving even wider geographical and disciplinary coverage.

Registration includes access to plenary sessions, interactive panel discussions and abstract presentations showcasing work from all NNEdPro Regional Networks and key collaborators, with 40+ hours of engaging content! The event will also be recorded.

Click on the photos below to learn more about the chairs, theme leaders, and speakers for this year's Summit.

Summit Co-Chairs

Summit Theme Leaders

Local Theme Leaders

Summit Organisers 

Summit Contributions from Regional Networks

Leads from 10 Regional Networks will speak at the Summit events.