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Current Highlights

‘As the expertise of our team spans nutrition research, clinical practice and public health, we are well-positioned in the international effort to improve human health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we have collated data and resources that are most relevant to current knowledge and practice relating to COVID-19, specifically in its relation to nutrition, on our dedicated microsites’


Recent highlights to the microsite include:

International Guidance

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Brazil Regional Network

Morocco Regional Network

UK and Ireland Regional Network


Goverment Advice NHS NICE Additional UK Agencies Ireland

Canada & Netherlands

While we do not operate regional networks in Canada or the Netherlands, we have a number of collaborations and projects in these countries, therefore we are including links for these regions.

Regional Guidance

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Papers Commentary: Epidemiology: Mechanisms: Metabolic Disease:



Call for submissions for BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health on nutritional interactions with COVID-19

Additional Resources

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NNEdPro COVID-19 Task Force: 

Co-Chairs: Dr Dominic Crocombe & Prof Shumone Ray RNutr

Science Comms Lead: Shane McAuliffe RD

Secretariat: Sucheta Mitra (Meetings) & Matheus Abrantes (Digital)

Key Attending Members: James Bradfield RD, Dr Luke Buckner, Dr Harrison Carter, Prof Martin Kohlmeier (BMJ NPH) & Elaine MacAninch RD

Key Corresponding Members: Dr Suzana Almoosawi, Dr Timothy Eden RD,  Emily Fallon ANutr, Dr Claudia Mitrofan, Dr Marjorie Lima do Vale RD & Niky Raja

Key Contributors: NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel (Breanna Lepre APD (I-KANN-25), Dr Marjorie Lima do Vale RD, Dr Kathy Martyn, RN, RNutr) & Swiss Re Institute

Directorial Support: Pauline Douglas RD (for Prof Dan Del Rio, Dr Celia Laur RNutr, Dr Minha Rajput-Ray)



2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

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