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Education and Training Centre

[Nutrition Education, Training and Skills] 


Education and Training Centre refers to the mechanisms in place to pass on knowledge, skills and training to professionals seeking to undertake CPD and career development. This includes:​ 


  • CREATE Global e-Academy​ 

  • International Academy of Nutrition Educators (with iKANN Digital Hub resources)​ 

  • NNEdPro-IANE Cambridge Summer School​ 

  • NNEdPro-IANE Summit​ 

  • NNEdPro-IANE VLE​ 

  • NNEdPro Graduate Studies and Career Development Forum 

This section of work draws from over a decade of experience in developing and delivering high quality nutrition education and evaluating its impact, particularly on healthcare practices. 


We utilise a unique approach of combining knowledge in technical aspects of Nutrition and Health including Change Management and Leadership as well as Research and Evaluation. This underpinning work has been consistently recognised through numerous awards over the years, including a joint prize from the Nutrition Society and British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (2010), the Complete Nutrition Outstanding Achievement Award (2015) and the Medical Nutrition International Industry Award in conjunction with the European Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (2017-2019), the AIM Foundation (2018-2022) and the International Union of Nutrition Sciences (2020-2022). 


We have been a preferred training provider to the University of Cambridge and UK Research and Innovation amongst a vast number of academic and corporate organisations. We also provide training to the charity sector such as to The Power of Nutrition.  


The key inter-disciplinary audiences addressed are currently in the following domains: 


  • Medical, healthcare, and public health services 

  • Biomedical, biological, and natural sciences 

  • Humanities, social, and behavioural sciences 

  • Food and agricultural sciences 

  • International development and sustainability 

  • Organisational and corporate wellbeing 


To develop, deliver and evaluate evidence-based education and training in nutrition and health as well as promote the capacity building and mentoring of tomorrow’s trainers, particularly in nutrition and medical/healthcare education. 

CREATE Global e-Academy​

Cambridge Research, Education and Training Enterprise (CREATE) is distinct from the four main NNEdPro sections and represents a closely allied platform designed to harness the non-Nutrition or transferrable/generic skills within the NNEdPro Global Institute in order to widen the impact. The aim is to harness transferrable/generic skills to impact wider aspects of health and wellbeing ranging from research methods to chronic disease management as well as occupational health and well-being. 

CREATE Global e-Academy aims to harness transferrable/generic skills to impact wider aspects of health and wellbeing ranging from research methods to chronic disease management as well as occupational health and to promote leadership, career development and inclusivity. 

Research Skills for Clinicians | + Clinical Research Ethics and Design for Academics 

This initiative builds on the successful publication and worldwide reception of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Healthcare Research in 2016 by key NNEdPro members as a vehicle to empower all health-related professionals to gain easy access to readily usable research methods and undertake good quality research to add usefully to the evidence base around health and disease. 

Wellbeing Innovation at Work | + Food, Mood, Mind and Movement Training 

This initiative launched in Autumn 2018 is linked with the agenda around occupational wellbeing and workplace productivity but will also consider non-nutritional determinants of occupational health and wellbeing. WInWIn arose from the NNEdPro Medical Director role as Scientific Committee Chair within the International Commission on Occupational Health. Since 2021 a wider team has been brought together to specifically address new and emerging corporate training needs arising from the pandemic. 

Leadership Skills and Career Development | +Diversity and Inclusivity 

Leadership and career development workshops are provided at multiple levels by the NNEdPro Chair (based on training and application experience in medical leadership and management) as well as the NNEdPro Vice-Chair (based on post MBA experience in health and social care) in conjunction with other colleagues in the leadership of the NNEdPro Global Institute. The NNEdPro Virtual Core also includes alumni of the European Nutrition Leadership Programme. A dedicated Diversity and Inclusivity Forum also considers a range of generic issues of topical importance to strengthen both evidence and practice relating to inclusivity in healthcare and health research. 

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International Academy of Nutrition Educators (with iKANN Digital Hub resources)​ 

The International Academy of Nutrition Educators is a membership scheme for professionals interested in developing and delivering high-quality nutrition education and evaluating its impact, particularly on healthcare practice. The scheme is also suitable for those undertaking nutrition research in an area that links either directly or indirectly with nutrition education and practice. With members in over 20 countries, IANE brings together people from all over the globe interested in nutrition. 


Through IANE, we aim to deliver evidence-based education and training in nutrition and health to promote the capacity building and mentoring of tomorrow’s trainers as well as researchers in related areas. 

Since 2023, IANE includes resources from the iKANN digital hub.

NNEdPro & IANE Summer School

The NNEdPro and IANE Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition is a Foundation level certificate in Applied Human Nutrition covering basic nutritional concepts, through current research and methods, to prevention, healthcare, and policy applications. The Summer School includes live Q&A sessions with faculty, self-directed learning, online mentoring sessions making use of various interactive platforms as well as mentoring and case studies.

The NNEdPro and IANE Summer School is formally affiliated with the University of Parma and is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians as well as the Royal Society of Biology. The Summer School is endorsed by the International Academy of Nutrition Educators.


For further information on our Summer School, please click here to visit the Summer School page.

NNEdPro & IANE International Summit

The NNEdPro-IANE International Summit on Nutrition and Health held in partnership with BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health, is a leading annual scientific meeting. Professionals, educators, students, and researchers from all over the globe connect to discuss relevant issues pertaining to food, nutrition, and public health and to explore innovative propositions to complex challenges. For further information, please click here to visit the Summit page.

NNEdPro & IANE Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

With the NNEdPro Nutrition Education Virtual Learning Environment, now learners can connect from anywhere in the world, learning from key leaders and decision-makers in the field of Nutrition Education, Public Health and Healthcare. The best faculty have designed the most motivating learning paths and VLE courses are endorsed by the International Union of Nutritional Sciences.

If you would like us to conduct a needs assessment and/or provide tailored nutritional training in your region or organisation, please contact us and we would be happy to provide a preliminary assessment. For further information on our global reach, please click here to visit the Regional Networks page.

NNEdPro Graduate Studies, Training Forum 

We operate a virtual training, peer learning and mentoring space for members of the NNEdPro Virtual Core, currently over 60, who are interdisciplinary and include both early and latter stage professionals. This provides training in generic skills areas such as project management leadership, as well as a platform for graduate students registered jointly with NNEdPro and the university sector such as those undertaking doctoral degrees as well as those undertaking professional portfolios in Nutrition and Medical/health care training. 

current activities

past activities

  • Clinical and Public Health Nutrition Education for medical students through the clinical curriculum (mandatory and elective teaching using face-to-face and blended learning, as well as research-based ‘Student Selected Components’ [SSCs] under the Nutrition Education Review Group [NERG]) at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, in conjunction with the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Healthcare-related Nutrition, Research and Leadership Education for junior doctors on the Core Medical Training (CMT) Programme under the NHS Health Education East of England Local Education and Training Board (Deanery).

  • Mentoring in Nutrition and Medical Education and/or Research for NHS Clinicians, particularly in Obesity Management, Nutrition Support and Dietetics within the Cambridge University Health Partners framework.

  • International Curriculum Development in Nutrition and Health Education in partnership with the American Society for Nutrition Co-ordinating Centre for Nutrition Education in Professional Schools, working in conjunction with the US National Institutes of Health from 2014-19

  • Nutrition Science Education (1-week from core concepts to health applications) within the 4-week Science Summer Programme of the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education from 2017-19.

  • The NNEdPro Chair was a longstanding member of the Registration Committee of the Association for Nutrition and over 2014 to 2017, Co-Led its Healthcare Specialism Working Group leading to the development of a Healthcare-Medical ‘pathway’ for Doctors Licensed with the UK General Medical Council to gain the appropriate nutrition competencies for entry to a designated section of the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists.

  • The NNEdPro Group and Wolfson College Cambridge ran a successful and productive International Academic Visitor Scheme through a strategic partnership over 2014-20, bringing together key opinion leaders in medical nutrition education and related research from across the world leading to the development of an International Knowledge Application Network in Nutrition aligned with the 2025 UN Decade of Action on Nutrition.

  • Over 2018-19 the NNEdPro Chair was seconded to the WHO Department of Nutrition and Food Safety in Geneva to develop a blueprint for the global architecture of nutrition education in health systems and for healthcare professionals in the wake of Universal Health Coverage.

  • Invited by the University of Cambridge to run a workshop on wellbeing for the academic workplace for all staff and students in the July ‘Festival of Wellbeing’ (2021) 

  • Partnered with the International Academy of Nutrition Educators to run an interlinked webinar and journal club on wellbeing insights and innovation as part of the June IANE CPD programme (2021) 

  • Consulting on research design and ethics as well as strategy and impact for Cambridge Dietitians (N>70) to promote ideas through implementation to impact  (2017-2019) 

  • Annual teaching on ‘Research Methods’ to the East of England Core Medical Training Programme (2017-2019) 

  • Research Surgeries at Griffith University Australia (2016 + 2018 + 2019) 

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