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nnedpro-iane Latin America regional network


The NNEdPro-IANE Latin America Regional Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, and professional associations across Latin America. It was formed by merging the Brazil Regional Network and the Mexico Regional Network in March 2023 to include other countries in the region, including the Caribbean. And, while regions will continue to work on individual initiatives, the overall network aims to strengthen the Latin American nutrition workforce, promoting interactions between nutrition professionals and other health professionals.

Key Aims

Strengthen the Latin American nutrition workforce through education and training opportunities

Enable positive interactions between the Nutrition workforce and other health professionals

Pilot the Mobile Teaching Kitchen International (MTKi) project in underserved areas

Organise an Annual Regional Meeting to share and showcase examples of good practice

Launch Events

steering committee


Abdullah Mawas (UK & Ireland Representative)

Alicia Ramírez (Mexico Representative)

Aline de Piano Ganen (Brazil Representative)

Ana Bertha Pérez (Mexico Representative)

Ana Paula de Queiroz Mello (Brazil Representative)

Ane Galdos (Mexico Representative)

Barbara Hatzlhoffer (Brazil Representative)

Carmen Ruiz (Mexico Representative)

Citlali Gurrola Oliveros (Mexico Representative)

Claudia Nieto Orozco (Mexico Representative)

Claudia Tramontt (Brazil Representative)

Dirce Maria Marchioni (Brazil Representative)

Edgar Francisco Pelayo Valencia (Mexico Representative)

Fermín Reygadas (Mexico Representative)

Fernanda Zacchi (Brazil Representative)

Flavia Semenow (Brazil Representative)

Gabriela Ruiz (Mexico Representative)

Helene McNulty (Mexico Representative)

Herón Salgado (Mexico Representative)

Jenneffer Braga (Brazil Representative)

José Luis Santos Martin (Chile Representative)

Julia Cerqueira Maranhão (Brazil Representative)

Julia Leon (Mexico Representative)

Leticia López Posada (Mexico Representative)

*Luciana Diniz Silva (Brazil Representative)

Maria Camila Pruper de Freitas (Brazil Representative)

Maria Cervato Mancuso (Brazil Representative)

María Magdalena Sánchez (Mexico Representative)

Matheus Abrantes (Brazil Representative)

Miranda Lucia Moran Morales  (Mexico Representative)

Mónica Hurtado (Mexico Representative)

Nagila Raquel Damasceno (Brazil Representative)

Neha Khandpur (Brazil Representative)

Norma Ramos Ibañez (Mexico Representative)

Rafaela Barros Romano Fontes (Brazil Representative)

Rebeca Leyva (Mexico Representative)

Rocío López Ortiz (Mexico Representative)

Rosa Maria Salmeron (Mexico Representative)

Ruth Price (Mexico Representative)

Saby Camacho (Mexico Representative)

Samantha Mazzero (Brazil Representative)

Sandra Maria Chemin Seabra da Silva (Brazil Representative)

Tatiana Sadalla Collese (Brazil Representative)

Valeria Ortiz (Mexico Representative)

Veronica Flores Bello (Mexico Representative)

Vincent Nicolas Pasquier (Brazil Representative)

Yareni Guitierrez (Mexico Representative)

*On leave of absence.

The Regional Networks are overseen by Advisory and Facilitation Panels.

Terms of reference

Coming soon

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