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Independent Research 

[Nutrition Research and Innovation Consortium] 

key scientific research outputs to date

Vascular Platform, Human Intervention studies Unit, Ulster University

MRC EWL Nutrition and Vascular Studies 2010-2018

Microscope in Laboratory

Our Independent Research organisation is built from a consortium of specialist skillsets bringing together studies on food, nutrition and health from clinical, biomedical and public health sciences to interdisciplinary, educational and social sciences straddling cross-cutting exposure and outcome-based themes:

  • BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health Journal​ 

  • Nutrition and COVID-19 Taskforce with Microsites​ 

  • NRIC Collaborative Projects 

  • Data Science and Evidence Synthesis Hub​ 

  • Nutrition and Vascular / Cardiometabolic Studies (‘NVS and NCD Data Science’)​ 

  • Dietary and Nutritional Assessment Studies  

  • Human Interventions and Observational Studies Hub​ 

  • Nutrition and Vascular Cardiometabolic Studies (‘NVS and NCD Trials’) 

  • Community Education and Development Studies​ 

  • Professional Education Studies Hub​ 

  • Healthcare Nutrition Education Studies (‘NEPHELP’)​ 

  • Interdisciplinary Nutrition Education Studies  

  • TIGR2ESS and Global Challenges Projects 


Key research themes include cardiovascular, metabolic and non-communicable disease prevention and management, innovation in nutrition education interventions at clinical and community levels, as well as nutrition equity and resilience to global challenges such as pandemic preparedness and food insecurity.


​Since 2020, the NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health has expanded its Nutrition Research and Innovation Consortium (NRIC) to form methodological hubs such as a centre of excellence for Data Science and Evidence Synthesis. Going forward the combined strengths from dedicated research hubs will seek to address further unanswered questions around Nutrition and Disease Prevention as well as Healthcare Interventions, connecting the cutting edge of science to evidence-informed professional education and practice. 


To undertake primary nutrition research through basic science, human interventions, population studies and evidence syntheses to inform health policy and practice.

BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health Journal​ 

At our 10th anniversary in 2015, we co-founded the dedicated British Medical Journal and Publication known as BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, which has become a leading Journal in the field, creating and curating several special collections in areas emerging evidence which received input not only from our research but from researchers and studies conducted while. This journal has a high number of press releases associated with scientific applications and the role of science communications relating to the further dissemination of knowledge for BMJ NPH publications on a regular basis.

Nutrition and COVID-19 Taskforce with Microsites​

The expertise of the NNEdPro team spans nutrition research, clinical practice and public health, we are well-positioned in the international effort to improve human health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we have collated data and resources that are most relevant to current knowledge and practice relating to COVID-19, specifically in its relation to nutrition, on our dedicated microsites

NRIC Collaborative Projects

Undertaking primary nutrition research through basic science, human interventions, population studies and evidence syntheses to inform health policy and practice. Working across one or more NRIC partner institutions along with additional collaborating organisations. Learn more here.

Data Science and Evidence Synthesis Hub

One stream of the NNEdPro Data Science & Evidence Synthesis Hub aims to harness the power of data sharing and research partnerships to support more timely and effective CVD risk identification and prevention. Aligned with NNEdPro mission to deliver education and empower professionals and policy makers, we also aim to further develop data literacy and capacity for action among relevant stakeholders in the public and private health systems. 

Nutrition and Vascular / Cardiometabolic Studies (‘NVS and NCD Data Science’)​ 

This core workstream comprises data science and synthesis through the interrogation of published as well as unpublished open access data sets to answer key questions related to Nutrition and Vascular/ Cardiometabolic Risk in both at-risk and diseased populations.  

Dietary and Nutritional Assessment Studies  

The dietary and nutritional assessment studies workstream within the data science hub uses tools from normative diet and nutrition surveillance data which are openly available as well as population specific data sets which can generate detailed insights into dietary patterns as well as nutritional status for the purpose of measurement relating to observational and intervention studies. 

Human Interventions and Observational Studies Hub

Nutrition and Vascular/Cardio-Metabolic Studies (NVS) and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Group 

To produce cutting-edge research to support the achievement of the Global Development Goal to reduce by one-third premature mortality from chronic diseases by 2030, including Cardiovascular disease and related metabolic disorders. Learn more here and here.

Community Education and Development Studies

"TIGR2ESS“ & Global Challenges (UK-LMICs) 


This work stream has built on the TIGR2ESS model which focuses on education, empowerment and entrepreneurship leading to improved human nutrition, health, and wellbeing. This model has been lateralized for Community Education interventions to develop resilience, wellbeing and health in multiple communities in different geographical settings. 

Professional Education Studies Hub​

Nutrition Education Policy for Healthcare Practice (NEPHELP) Initiative

A workforce empowered to identify and treat malnutrition is essential. However, NNEdPro research has identified nutrition as a common knowledge gap amongst doctors and other healthcare workers. To address this, the NNEdPro team, through the Nutrition Education Policy in Healthcare Practice (NEPHELP) project, have created materials to educate junior doctors and allied healthcare professionals on the fundamentals of nutrition. To train medical, nursing, and allied healthcare professionals about the following: 

  • The common problems with nutrition care in hospitals, the community and the transfer of nutrition care between the two; 

  • The use of appropriate screening tools to detect malnutrition and nutritional risks; 

  • The basics of first-line nutrition interventions and how to translate this to patient care; 

  • The assessment, diagnosis and management of nutritional deficiencies; 

  • Appropriate onward referral and communication with nutrition specialist services. 

Interdisciplinary Nutrition Education Studies  

We develop, deliver and evaluate the impact of nutrition education to interdisciplinary audiences using similar pedagogical and research models to our health care related nutrition education. However, in this work stream we look at a broader set of competencies and outcomes which range from resilience to health. 

TIGR2ESS and Global Challenges Projects

From 2017 to 2022, NNEdPro, in conjunction with the University of Cambridge, received support from the UK Global Research Challenges Fund in order to undertake the TIGR2ESS programme with work across India. In addition, NNEdPro has received support from 2017 to 2023 from ESRC to undertake related social development projects in India. Linked with these initiatives, NNEdPro has also received support from the Global Research Translation Award (UKRI) as well as the University of East Anglia from 2021 to 2023 to undertake further global challenges work, particularly in tribal areas of India. Finally, NNEdPro has had an advisory role in the global challenges research funding supported program on the safe border in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil) led by Ulster University. All of our research hubs and the expertise within them have been utilised for other global challenges related to research questions emerging from across regions. 

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Key partnerships with academic institutions and specialist organisations relating to research and innovation are highlighted below – for a full list of strategic partnerships, please visit our Partners page.

academic institutions

From January 2019, our former research undertaken at the MRC Elsie Widdowson Laboratory in Cambridge has moved to Ulster University to form the NNEdPro-NICHE Global Nutrition, Health and Disease (GNHD) Programme. The strategic direction of the NNEdPro NRIC is co-led with GNHD and Ulster University.


NNEdPro @ Ulster University School of Biomedical Sciences and Global Nutrition, Health and Disease in the Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health 


  Evidence Synthesis, Human Intervention Studies & Biomedical Sciences

From October 2017 to December 2022 our Interdisciplinary Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) supported work is undertaken with its main base in Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Cambridge.


NNEdPro @ University of Cambridge Schools of Arts, Humanities, Social and Biological Sciences

       Evidence Synthesis & Education Studies | Interdisciplinary Studies & Social Sciences

NNEdPro @ Imperial College London School of Public Health 


Epidemiological Studies & Population Health Sciences


NNEdPro @ University of Parma School of Advanced Studies in Food Sciences and Nutrition


Preclinical Studies & Food Sciences


From May 2019 the Swiss Re Institute has been supporting NRIC and in particular its Nutrition and Vascular/Cardiometabolic Studies as well as Data Science Projects.


NNEdPro @ Swiss Re Institute 

Evidence Synthesis, Data Science & Knowledge Exchange

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NNEdPro @ Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) 


Specialist Measurements & Knowledge Exchange


NNEdPro @ BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health (BMJ NPH)

Special Collections

Logo ERImNN.png

NNEdPro @ the Education and Research in Medical Nutrition Network (ERimNN)

Medical Healthcare and Community Education Studies


NNEdPro @ The Orient Innovation Lab Research Institute in Cambridge

Nutrition Education and Public Health Action Research


We are always looking for interested individuals or organisations who share our research interests! If you would like to collaborate on a specific research project, please do contact us.


We also provide ample opportunities to students, interns or scholars who wish to undertake a research project including both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation projects. If you are interested please contact us.

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