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We are an award-winning interdisciplinary think-tank, building upon over a decade of nutrition education, research and innovation. We are anchored in Cambridge (UK) and convene central as well as regional networks across six continents as part of the International Knowledge Application Network Hub in Nutrition-2025. We develop adaptable and scalable educational models for nutrition capacity building in health systems. We also conduct a range of training courses as well as primary research studies and syntheses to fill key evidence gaps. Read more about our work here.

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Organisational Partnerships, Collaborations and Memberships

Our corporate headquarters are at the St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge whilst our principal hubs of academic activity span four academic institutions: Ulster UniversityUniversity of ParmaImperial College London and the University of Cambridge, our academic collaborations with Cambridge and Ulster going back to our foundation in 2008. In 2020 we have also formalised our academic collaborations in Australia, with Monash University and University of Wollongong.


We are also closely allied with a number of specialist organisations: the British Dietetic Association (BDA), since our inception in 2008, has provided access to subject expertise, business support and governance oversight to our virtual operations; in our 10th anniversary year along with the British Medical Journal (BMJ) group, we became co-founders of BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health; we work closely with the Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) on developing international knowledge networks and strengthening research; For projects with charitable objects we work through with our official charity partner, the Lord Rana Foundation Charitable Trust; for over a decade we have also been affiliated with the Society for Nutrition Education and Behaviour (SNEB) with which we recently developed a joint membership/mentoring scheme; most recently we have formed a strategic partnership to develop knowledge application models with the Swiss Re Institute and to strengthen our focus on healthcare professionals through partnering with the Education and Research in Medical Nutrition Network (ERimNN).


We are an associate member of The European Food Information Council (EUFIC)Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP) as well as an advisory member of One Nucleus in Cambridge, an international member of the Global Open Data Initiative for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), a supporting member of the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), an Innovate-2-Succeed Member of St John’s Innovation Centre (SJIC) in Cambridge.

In addition to our work with key strategic partners, we have significant collaborations with over fifty institutions and organisations across our central and regional networks. Together, our centrally and regionally managed networks provide an unparalleled range of interdisciplinary knowhow supporting our thinktank to advance and implement nutrition knowledge to improve health, wellbeing and society.

Learn more about our Organisational Partnerships, Collaborations and Memberships


The NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health is an independent not-for-profit social enterprise, registered as a company limited by guarantee, entitled: NEED FOR NUTRITION EDUCATION/INNOVATION PROGRAMME (NNEDPRO) & CAMBRIDGE RESEARCH, EDUCATION AND TRAINING ENTERPRISE (CREATE).

'NNEDPRO-CREATE' is the legal holder of the registered international trademark of NNEdPro and its associated intellectual property.

With governance support from the British Dietetic Association (BDA), which hosts our financial operations, we work internationally via a network of partner organisations. Our activities are coordinated by the NNEdPro Headquarters at St John’s Innovation Centre Cambridge, UK


Disclaimer: NNEdPro takes full responsibility for its own views and actions which may not necessarily reflect those of its partners and collaborators, as well as vice-versa.

Note: The flags on this page represent the countries in which we have formalised Regional Networks and project activities with the exception of Canada where we have significant collaborative project activities ahead of launching a formalised Regional Network hub.



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2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

2015 Complete Nutrition Outstanding Achievement Award

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