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Since its inception, the taskforce has identified areas for research and evidence synthesis relating to nutritional aspects of the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, including issues of food and nutrition security amid this global crisis. Our aim has been to coordinate and share resources with NNEdPro’s global and regional networks, and the public, to highlight key challenges and best guidance on good nutrition and health practices in the context of COVID-19. Updates this week include:

Recent Nutrition site highlights include:


New BMJ Nutrition Articles

  • A Position Statement from the COVID-19 Taskforce of the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health, on Vitamin D and high-risk groups in the COVID-19 pandemic. Published as a response to Lanham-New et al., 2020 bmjnph-2020-000089.

Nutrition and COVID19 Webinar - Lessons learned to date by our Taskforce along with BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health

Nutrition and COVID19 Journal Club - Nutrition and COVID19: The cutting edge of emerging evidence and a look to the future


Further Guidance & Research

Journal Articles

Covid Rehab

Book Chapters


Nutrition and Food Safety during Quarantine

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Food Security

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Further Guidance & Research

Journal Articles

Covid Rehab

Book Chapters


Further Guidance & Research

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BMJ-Nutrition, Prevention & Health Publications relating to COVID-19

Call for BMJ-NPH submissions

COVID-19: is there a role for immunonutrition, particularly in the over 65’s?

Nutrition, Immunity & COVID-19

Avoidance of vitamin D deficiency to slow the COVID-19 pandemic

Vitamin D and SARS-CoV-2 virus/ COVID-19 disease

COVID-19 mortality increases with northerly latitude after adjustment for age suggesting a link with ultraviolet and vitamin D

Zinc as nutritional intervention and prevention measure for COVID–19 disease

Dietary micronutrients in the wake of COVID-19: an appraisal of evidence with a focus on high-risk groups and preventative healthcare

Micronutrient deficiencies in patients with COVID-19: how metabolomics can contribute to their prevention and replenishment

Blog: What I learned about nutrition risks for Covid-19

Using the ‘shit’ of the current COVID-19 crisis as fertiliser for the soil to lay the foundations of a new and sustainable era: lessons from past crises to improve the future

Effect of the COVID-19-induced lockdown on nutrition, health and lifestyle patterns among adults in Zimbabwe

Exploring the implications of COVID-19 on widening health inequalities and the emergence of nutrition insecurity through the lens of organisations involved with the emergency food response

Editorial: Nutrition is key to global pandemic resilience

Association between vitamin intake and respiratory complaints in adults from the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey years 1–8

Responsibility for vitamin D supplementation of elderly care home residents in England: falling through the gap between medicine and food

Additional Publications relating to Covid-19 

Food is medicine: actions to integrate food and nutrition into healthcare

Regional Guidance

UK & Ireland

Brazil Australia Canada India


British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN)

European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)

Nutritional Management of Patients with COVID 19

British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehab

Nutrition Guidelines

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NNEdPro COVID-19 Task Force: 


Dr Dominic Crocombe (Co-Chair Exec), Prof Sumantra Ray RNutr (Co-Chair Ex-Officio), Prof Martin Kohlmeier (Editor, BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health), Prof Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir (Editor, BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health), Elaine Macaninch RD (Lead for Patient, Public and Practitioner Outreach), Dr Marjorie Lima Do Vale RD (Lead for Advocacy and Science Support), James Bradfield RD (Lead for Education, Awareness, and Implementation), Dr Luke Buckner (Lead for MTK/NEPHELP), Shane McAuliffe RD (Lead for science communication, synthesis of information and infographics, including BMJ Nutrition), Sucheta Mitra (Lead for operational support and internal communications, liaison with Regional Networks), Dr Kaninika Basu (Advice on Food, Allergy, and Immunology), Sonigitu Ekpe (Advice on Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Security) and Niky Raja (Public Health Support).



Matheus Abrantes (Digital support), Dr Suzana Almoosawi (Science Research), Dr Harrison Carter (Policy Outreach), Dr Timothy Eden RD (Clinical Research), Emily Fallon ANutr (Public Health), Dr Shobhana Nagraj (Maternal and Child Health), Dr Claudia Mitrofan (Science and Clinical Research), Pauline Douglas RD (Representative for Directors: on behalf of Prof Dan Del Rio, Dr Celia Laur RNutr & Dr Minha Rajput-Ray)

Associate Members

NNEdPro Virtual Core



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