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We have prepared an information leaflet highlighting the vitamins and minerals included in our meals 

NNEdPro's Mobile Teaching Kitchens initiative empowers communities by sharing knowledge and skills through the medium of nutrition education. It aims to enhance health and wellbeing for women, children and families across communities, especially urban slums, as well as beyond.

Awards Received

  • 2017: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Award 

  • 2017: British Medical Association (BMA) Research Charities Award

  • 2018: Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Joint Award

  • 2018: University of Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research Centre Project Incubation Award

  • 2019: University of Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research Symposium 1st Prize

  • 2019: Highly Commended - Emerald Interdisciplinary Research Awards



Over 2017-2019, the MTK initiative was also supported by a GODAN seed support award

Over 2020-2023, the MTK initiative will also be supported further by an ESRC Grand Challenges doctoral training award

Why do we need the Mobile Teaching Kitchens and what do they do?

More than 1.5 million people live in 3500 unregistered slums in Kolkata, India. Most of these are temporary with one room per family and no access to proper sanitation or clean water. Cooking is mostly done outdoors due to ventilation, and without hygienic practices or facilities.

An assessment of levels of nutrition and health education in mothers and children in urban slum areas in the city of Kolkata found that 85% of mothers and children were malnourished - this could be easily avoided if they had adequate levels of knowledge, attitude and practice.

Our Mobile Teaching Kitchens conduct nutrition education workshops in slums with established relationships. They are multi-purpose and serve as a community hub for malnutrition screening and prevention, health promotion and disease prevention. They aim to be a safe haven within the slums, a sustainable health promotion tool, and build to support mothers with limited resources to achieve the best nutrition for their children and families.

After over a year with successful runs and increased interest we are looking for funding to scale up the initiative with a third mobile kitchen unite.

How we train via the 'See One-Do One-Teach One' method

Step 1: Training in action - Qualified dietitians and nutritionists share their skills and train volunteers creating Teaching Kitchen champions.

Step 2: Groups of champions, supported by dietitians and nutritionists, share their knowledge with women and children in slum communities through workshops where they learn about recognising a template ‘Plate of Good Health’ (with appropriate food swaps), and a balance of micro and macro nutrients from inexpensive and locally sourced foods prepared hygienically with attention to quality and taste.

Step 3: By the end of a workshop, the women (and children) that participated learn to share and teach each other about their newfound knowledge.

Teaching Kitchens Model: Where are we now?

In October 2017 we launched Teaching Kitchens in two slums in Kolkata (watch this video from the launch) and adopted the ‘See One-Do One-Teach One’ method of conducting Teaching Kitchen workshops which has had a visible community impact since launch. Since then earlier in 2018 we also launched a Mobile Teaching Kitchen unit.

We are currently exploring the possibility of utilising the Mobile Teaching Kitchen to run a micro-enterprise 'Tiffin Kitchen' to provide alternative livelihood opportunities for the women we have trained thus far. The micro-enterprise 'Tiffin Kitchen' was soft launched in August 2018.

We are looking to increase the frequency of sales in the Kolkata region and to scale out to rural areas to see if the model is applicable for a rural setting.

abstracts on THE Mobile Teaching Kitchen IN INDIA

Mobile Teaching Kitchens (MTK) Project Team & Global Advisory Panel

Project Team

UK/International Members

Luke Buckner – Project Lead

Jorgen Johnsen – Deputy Project Lead

Marjorie Lima do Vale – Advisor

Helena Trigueiro – Advisor

Sucheta Mitra – Project Co-ordinator

Kai Kargbo – Assistant Communications and Project Officer

Minha Rajput-Ray – Principal Advisor

Sumantra Ray – Principal Investigator

Matheus Abrantes – Project Support

India Members


Sanchita Banerjee – Project Officer & Deputy Network Lead

Somnath Bhar – Joint Principal Investigator

Debashis Chakraborty – Network Secretary

Kannan Raman – Network Lead

Mitali Gupta – Principal Advisor (Inner Wheel & Cooperative Society)

Asim Kumar Manna - Network Intern

Sudeshna Maitra-Nag – Principal Advisor (Dietetics)

Sabyasachi Ray ­– Principal Advisor (Remedy Clinic Study Group)


Taruna Narang

Harjinder Singh

UK/International Associate Members

Lydia Akaje-Macauley

Rekha Bhangaonkar

Lyn Haynes

Shivani Bhat

Harrison Carter

Dominic Crocombe

Pauline Douglas

Maria Korre

Ananya Roy

Anuprita Shukla

Jodie Webber

India Associate Members

Madhavika Bajoria

Atanu Chakraborty

Shaswato Chatterjee

Chaitali Dutta

Kashmira Ghosh

Mala Mukherjee

Sarmila Mukherjee

Chitra Ray

Elizabeth Richards

Aparajita Saha

Piya Sengupta

[Cordia & TIGR2ESS Colleagues]

Global Advisory Panel (Project Team are Ex-Officio Members)

UK/International Members

  • Lord Rana

  • Jaroslav Guzanic

  • Elaine MacAninch

  • Kathy Martyn

  • Ianthi Tsimpli

  • Mercedes Zorrilla Tejeda

  • [Brighton & Sussex MTK Planning Forum c/o Kathy]

  • [Culinary Medicine UK c/o Elaine]

  • [Swiss Association for Cooperation on Food Education c/o Jaroslav]


India Members

  • Subrata Kumar Dutta

  • Sagarika Mukherjee

  • Sukanya Patwardhan

  • Urmil Verma

[Regional Network Representatives to be identified in due course]



2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

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