History of nnedpro

A decade and a half ago, in 2003, the Council of Europe published over 100 recommendations to improve nutritional care across European countries and the UK formed an Alliance led by the BDA over 2005-2007 to examine this issue. During this time the BMA passed a priority motion to strengthen nutrition related healthcare. Over two years, representatives from several professional organisations worked through the Alliance resulting in three outputs: a BBC documentary entitled ‘Hungry in Hospital’ around the patient journey, a consensus statement ‘The 10 Key Characteristics of Good Nutritional Care’, principles of  which were subsequently enshrined in regulatory standards, and the ‘Department of Health 2007 Nutrition Action Plan’ containing a mandate for the ‘Need for Nutrition Education Project’.


NNEdPro was formed in 2008 with fellowship funding awarded by the National Institute of Health Research to two founding members in Cambridge, and an educational award from Abbott Nutrition to the BDA. Since then, NNEdPro has evolved from a project, through a multifaceted programme to a Global Centre for Nutrition and Health.

Follow our story below for more information on our journey:

The Early Years

Phase 1 Launched


Phase 2 Launched


Council of Europe Alliance UK on Hospital Food and Nutritional Care

British Dietetic Association and Hospital Caterers Association partnership

Partnership with

British Medical Association

Project incorporated within DH Nutrition Action Plan (2007)

Founder members move to Cambridge University with NIHR funding and establish NNEdPro as an educational and research innovation project.

Partnerships also include:

NNEdPro approached by Cambridge University to teach nutrition to Cambridge Medical Students. 

Nutrition Education Leadership for Improved Clinical Outcomes (NELICO), training project was conducted in 3 NHS hospitals across England

NNEdPro delivers nutrition education to students and practitioners

NNEdPro responsible for  delivery of nutrition education to medical students.




Phases of work


For details on our work from 2008 to 2016, download our pack. 

NNEdPro’s Mission over 2008 to 2016 (Phases I-III) has been focussed on strengthening the foundations and application of nutrition knowledge, improving clinical and public health practice, through education, research and innovation.

Objective 1: Delivery of Medical/Healthcare Nutrition Education

Objective 2: Research into Medical/Healthcare Nutrition Education

Objective 3: Nutrition Research for Translation to Medical/Healthcare Education

Objective 4: Building Capacity and Policy Impact in Medical/Healthcare Nutrition for Practitioners, Researchers and Educators

Based on the above, NNEdPro projects and initiatives are currently grouped into six Outcome-based Themes described below. Click on each theme for examples of projects.


Medical Education and Leadership for Better Healthcare


Value through partnerships


Patient Safety, Health Services and Public Health


Supporting workforce capacity


Evidence Based Management and Prevention of Disease


Promoting international knowledge exchange



2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

2015 Complete Nutrition Outstanding Achievement Award

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