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Our work comprises four overlapping verticals in nutrition and several cross-cutting horizontals

Our aim is to improve nutrition-related health outcomes by training professionals, strengthening research, implementing solutions and addressing inequalities, in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the Decade of Action on Nutrition 2016-2025. We deliver our work through the following inter-related sections. Explore the main categories below:

Social enterprise includes ventures and initiatives intended to contribute towards nutritional equity and population health, having resilience in the community and supporting a range of initiatives aimed at social impact.

[Nutrition Equity and Population Health]

Our Independent Research organisation is built from a consulting of specialist's skills bringing together studies into food, nutrition and health from clinical, biomedical and public health sciences to interdisciplinary, educational and social sciences straddling cross-cutting exposure and outcome-based themes.

Independent Research Organisation
[Nutrition Research and Innovation Consortium] 

Education and Training Centre refers to the mechanisms in place to pass on knowledge, skills and training to professionals seeking to undertake CPD and career development. 

Education and Training Centre
[Nutrition Education, Training and Skills] 

Advisory Services are offered to external organisations, ranging from local, national and government bodies to academic and corporate organisations, facilitating them to undertake research, implementation and training and offering consultation related to nutrition.​ 

Advisory Services  
[Implementation Research and Consulting in Nutrition]

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Want to unlock and develop your nutritional and health business strategies?

We can advance and accelerate your nutritional and health portfolios, enable you to reach new consumers, and create shared value.


Our Services

1. Clinical Trial Strategy, Design and Delivery: Expert advice on clinical trial strategies, designs and deliveries.

2. Health Claim Strategy: Support in developing health claim strategies.

3. Nutritional Product Design and Nutrition Data Analysis: In-depth analysis of nutrition-related data.

4. Bespoke Nutrition Training: Tailored nutrition training courses to meet your company's specific needs.

5. Transformational Leadership Development: Leadership programmes customised to your company's requirements.


Why Choose NNEdPro

Proven Track Record: Over 15 years of experience in delivering timely cutting-edge solutions and tailored training to organisations in the food, nutrition, and health sectors.

Tailored Approach: Alignment of skills and experience with your strategic goals for portfolio enhancement.

Global Collaborative Network: Access to a vast global network of nutrition and healthcare professionals' expertise.

Medically and Scientifically Trained Team: Rapid delivery of results by a team of professionals with nutrition, medical and scientific backgrounds.

Agile Problem-Solving: NNEdPro can quickly assess and address diverse needs in an agile manner to enhance your organisation's success.


About NNEdPro

The NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health is a leading international research and think-tank organisation dedicated to addressing global nutrition issues, providing evidence-based nutrition education, and conducting innovative research. With over 15 years of experience, NNEdPro offers a range of services, including research, education and training, and advisory support, to help improve nutrition and health -related outcomes worldwide.

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Building on over a decade and a half of nutrition education, research and innovation. An 'A to Z' of NNEdPro's activities, outputs and expertise from the last 15 years.

Published September 2023

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