United Kingdom & ireland Network


Incorporating three regional network sections:
   ⁃    English & Welsh Section 
   ⁃    Scottish Section
   ⁃    Irish Section

The NNEdPro Regional Network of UK & Ireland was officially launched at its annual meeting in Brighton on 6th November 2019 and will be managed on behalf of the NNEdPro Global Centre by ERimNN (the Education and Research in Medical Nutrition Network) in conjunction with the Lord Rana Foundation Charitable Trust and co-led by Dr Kathy Martyn and Professor Sumantra Ray.



The UK & Ireland Regional Network believe that working together to improve nutrition education, practice and research in health and social care, public health and education increases professional engagement in nutrition and improves patient and population wellbeing



The UK & Ireland network brings together professionals from different disciplines with expertise in nutrition education, research, and practice. Through working collaboratively, harnessing collective expertise, and listening to the voices and opinions of people from different communities, the UK & Ireland network will support sustainable and equitable change and improvement in food systems from production to consumption, and in health and social care practice.



  • To create a platform for stakeholder engagement and conversations, to share knowledge and expertise to further improve, sustainable and equitable food systems.  

KPI – hosting of regional meetings with representation from network members and key stakeholders with the invited representation of key stakeholders, that address the 2021/22 priorities identified by the UK & Ireland Network.

  • To encourage innovative research and practice that addresses selected nutrition issues that affect people in communities, and in health and social context.

  • To synthesise and disseminate cross border nutrition policy and guidance, research and evidence-informed practise through the development of briefing papers.

KPI - to collate and present case studies of nutrition research, education, or implementation best practice at the regional meetings in England, Wales, Scotland & N. Ireland, and  Ireland 

  • To act as a critical ‘friend’ to review research and papers presented by members of each country. To develop, support and share interprofessional and multidisciplinary research activity within countries and across borders 

KPI - Representatives to present key research and findings related to country-specific projects 

  • Provide input to iKANN (International Knowledge Application Network in Nutrition 2025) and BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health to encourage sharing of research being performed in the UK & N. Ireland and Ireland regional network

The NNEdPro-ERimNN UK & Ireland Regional Network seeks to support key cross-regional network objectives including the Nutrition Implementation CoalitionNEPHELP (Nutrition Education Policy for Healthcare Practice) and MTK (Mobile Teaching Kitchen) initiatives as well as providing key UK and Ireland inputs to I-KANN-25 (International Knowledge Application Network Hub in Nutrition 2025) which joins together all of NNEdPro’s Regional Networks across the globe.

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