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Incorporating three regional network sections:
    ⁃    English & Welsh Section 
    ⁃    Scottish Section
    ⁃    Irish Section

The NNEdPro Regional Network of UK & Ireland was officially launched at its annual meeting in Brighton on 6th November 2019 and will be managed on behalf of the NNEdPro Global Centre by ERimNN (the Education and Research in Medical Nutrition Network) in conjunction with the Lord Rana Foundation Charitable Trust and co-led by Dr Kathy Martyn and Professor Sumantra Ray.

In addition to an annual regional network meeting in Brighton, there will be section meetings in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (currently planned for the first half of 2020).

The UK & Ireland Network will host ‘The Nutrition Implementation Coalition’ a strategic alliance between NNEdPro, ERimNN, Nutritank and Culinary Medicine UK co-convened by Dr Luke Buckner and Elaine MacAninch RD.

The Nutrition Implementation Coalition will provide steering to the UK & Ireland Network and will seek to deliver on the main objectives of the regional network including the NEPHELP (Nutrition Education Policy for Healthcare Practice) and MTK (Mobile Teaching Kitchen) initiatives as well as providing key UK and Ireland inputs to I-KANN-25 (International Knowledge Application Network in Nutrition 2025) which joins together all of NNEdPro’s Regional Networks across the globe.

The NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health, particularly through its Regional Network in UK and Ireland as well as The Nutrition Implementation Coalition will seek to align with the newly formed umbrella body, the Academy of Nutrition Sciences as the collective voice of evidence based Nutrition in the region.

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