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CN Article: Accelerating Nutrition Capacity Building for UK Doctors and Health Professionals



To train medical, nursing and allied healthcare professionals about:

  • The common problems with nutrition care in hospitals, the community and the transfer of nutrition care between the two;

  • The use of appropriate screening tools to detect malnutrition and nutritional risks;

  • The basics of first line nutrition interventions and how to translate this to patient care;

  • The assessment, diagnosis and management of nutritional deficiencies;

  • Appropriate onward referral and communication with nutrition specialist services.

AIM FOUNDATION award 2019-2022

The team at NNEdPro hope to develop and spread the NEPHELP workshop further in order to reach as many healthcare professionals as possible. It will be important to establish a sustainable pathway for implementing the project on a wider scale, especially to address the needs of general practitioners and allied healthcare professionals in primary care. This is likely where nutritional risk management of disease will have the biggest impact. Other potential innovations include improving the transfer of care between primary and secondary services regarding nutrition.

mni award 2017-2019

The NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health was awarded with the MNI Grant 2017 for its outstanding project “Nutrition Education Policy for Healthcare Practice”.

The award was consigned on 11 September 2017, during the ESPEN – ENHA – MNI Joint Session 2017 on Optimal Nutrition Care for All, by MNI President - Tim Meyerhoff - to Dr Minha Rajput-Ray, Harrison Carter, Sumantra Ray and Celia Laur.

Click here to watch the presentation of the project by Dr Minha Rajput-Ray

Nutrition Education Policy in Healthcare Practice (NEPHELP) Project Team & Global Advisory Panel

Project Team

Elaine MacAninch
Joint Project Lead
Dr Luke Buckner
Joint Project Lead
Dr Kathy Martyn
Joint Principal Investigator
Prof Sumantra Ray*
Joint Principal Investigator
Breanna Lepre
James Bradfield
Marjorie Lima do Vale
Matheus Abrantes
Project Support

Global Advisory Panel

UK Members – Virtual Core

Ian Broadley

Dominic Crocombe

Pauline Douglas

Emily Fallon

Tim Eden

Rajna Golubic

Jorgen Johnsen

Minha Rajput-Ray

UK Members – Collaborators Network

Jenny Blythe

Harrison Carter

Lisa Sharkey

Josephine Ruwende

International Members – Virtual Core

Lauren Ball

Eleanor Beck

Jennifer Crowley

Martin Kohlmeier

Celia Laur

Clare Wall

Mercedes Zorrilla Tejeda

International Members – Collaborators Network

Sile Griffin

Heather Keller

[Regional Network Representatives to be identified in due course]



2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

2015 Complete Nutrition Outstanding Achievement Award

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