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  • NEPHELP aims to develop, test, improve and implement nutrition education resources for doctors in hospitals and community settings.

  • We present core nutrition materials to doctors, and other healthcare professionals, taking on board their feedback and tailoring the material and delivery to fit their needs best. Ultimately this allows us to advocate for greater nutrition training in mandatory curricula, and support education teams to implement this. 


  • We aim to empower doctors with greater nutrition training, to become champions of nutrition in their local team. This will ultimately improve patient care directly through their changed practice, the greater focus in the team working with them, and reduce the pressure of inappropriate or unsupported referrals to dietitians.

  • Alongside this we will continue to use our findings, experience and publications to advocate for change in medical student and doctor’s training to have adequate levels of nutrition training.

  • We hope this will lead to greater focus on nutrition and lifestyle change to prevent and treat disease, supported by a trained healthcare workforce, working seamlessly between hospitals and the community.



NEPHELP developed through MNI-ESPEN funded grant


Collected surveys of junior doctor’s and medical student’s opinions of their nutrition training, and subsequent confidence, analysing this and then publishing as a peer-reviewed paper


Developed content for a core nutrition for medical professionals’ workshop, running across England and adapting a set of resources from feedback 

2020 – Present 

Adapted the material to an online virtual learning environment, targeting primary care doctors (GPs) 

Materials under feedback currently, if you are a GP interested in free nutrition training which you can help shape for future doctors register here

Key outputs and documents

Nutrition Education Policy in Healthcare Practice (NEPHELP) Project Team & Global Advisory Panel

Project Team

*Currently on leave of absence.

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