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The Nutrition Implementation Coalition 

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The Nutrition Implementation Coalition (NIC) is a collaborative group established in 2019 by NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health, Nutritank, ERimNN and Culinary Medicine UK.


The coalition brings together organisations with a variety of educational, professional and research experiences, who share the same vision regarding the need to advocate for nutrition education for healthcare professionals and bridge the gap between knowledge and practice to improve the ability of doctors, nurses, health, and social care professionals to deliver effective nutrition care. 


“We believe better nutrition educated health and social care workforce improves patient outcomes and holds benefit for population health.“


We combine our efforts, passion, and expertise to:

  • Research and develop strategies and resources to improve nutrition education for all health care professionals.  

  • Influence stakeholders to implement evidence-based nutrition care in training to increase the nutrition capacity of the medical, health and social care workforce.  


We aim to achieve ‘Our dream of the future' through the following objectives:

  1. Increase focus on nutrition education in healthcare curricula

  2.  Ensure assessment to reach a minimum standard of nutrition knowledge and practice

  3. Support curricula developers with advice and resources where needed

coalition infographic

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Note: Whilst NNEdPro works and collaborates on projects with each of the coalition organisations around the topics of nutrition and health as well as related educational pieces, we are not involved in the review of content for each organisation and their outputs except for where it is stated. As such, we continue to be proud of the work we are completing together but cannot endorse the accuracy or quality of all outputs or statements from individual organisations outside of explicitly stated collaborative projects.

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