New Zealand


The ANZ NNEdPro Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, medical and health care educators, researchers students and professional associations in Australia and New Zealand. The aim of the Network is to strengthen the nutrition education and competence of medical and healthcare professionals in Australia and New Zealand through innovation in research, resource development and delivery.

Key Tasks

The ANZ network has been contributing to a number of educational activities initiated by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Provide a collaborative space for medical nutrition education and research in ANZ to share information about existing research

Identify gaps and opportunities in current research and facilitate teams to work to fill this gap

Provide services to Universities to enhance their medical nutrition education with curriculum mapping, review of PBL cases and nutrition material 

Key Themes

Nutrition/hydration education and clinical/public health leadership training of medical, healthcare and research professionals

Improving the identification, prevention and management of malnutrition risk in patients and the public.

Developing/translating evidence underpinning the role of nutrition in disease prevention and management


To learn more about the ANZ network and the work going on, please browse through the following Complete Nutrition Articles about the network. 

Steering Committee


Central Ops and Strategy Facilitation

NNEdPro would like to recognise and thank Helena Trigueiro for her services as Global Strategic Lead for 2020-21.