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Launched on July 28, 2019: The USA Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, medical and health care educators, researchers students and professional associations in the United States of America.

Key Aims

Enabling knowledge exchange between the US and I-KANN-25

Advocating the prioritisation of nutrition capacity building in the US healthcare system

Pilot the NNEdPro Mobile teaching Kitchen Project for marginalised populations in the USA

Implement and evaluation potential international models of nutrition education in the USA

Launch Event

Read our blog post!

The 8th International Summit on Nutrition and Health

Steering Committee

interested parties


Abdullah Mawas

Aimee Afable

Aliza Stark

Alka Gupta

Arshan Goudarzi

Brenda Bohn

Carine Lenders

Cindy Munkhgerel

Dan Maunder

Dar Yoffe

David Sharp

Dorothy Nankanja

Elizabeth Helzner

Eloisa Trinidad

Emmanuel Baah

Emily Johnston

Emily Katz

Golbahar Yazdanifar

Grigorina Mitrofan

Hsiao-Liang Pai

Isobel Contento

Jen Shamro

Jessica Carmila John

Jessica Daly

Jie Zhu

Kate Burbank

Kathaleen Briggs Early

Kathleen Duemling

Lisa Goldberg

Maria Korre

Marilyn S. Edwards

Neha Kumar

Nicole Farmer

Norbert Goldfield

Olivia Lawler

Pao-Hwa Lin

Rachel Daeger

Randy Pothen

Rebecca Johnson

Robert Hay

Robert Neda

Rory Langan

Saad Mouti

Scott Nichols

Shivani Bhat

Terri Stone

Tiffany Powell-Wiley

Travis Masterson

Virginie Zoumenou

Zorita Sconta

The Regional Networks are overseen by Advisory and Facilitation Panels.

NNEdPro would like to recognise and thank Helena Trigueiro for her services as  Global Strategic Lead for 2020-21.

NNEdPro would like to recognise and thank Niky Raja for her services as Operations and Strategy Digital Officer for 2020-21.

Terms of reference

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