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Launched on July 28, 2019: The USA Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, medical and health care educators, researchers students and professional associations in the United States of America.

Key Aims

Launch Event

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Steering Committee

interested parties

Sumantra Ray
Chair (Ex-Officio)
Maria Korre
Co-Lead (Executive)
Kai Kargbo
Zubaida Qamar
Co-Lead (Academic)
Shivani Bhat
Special Advisor
Martin Kohlmeier
Principal Advisor
Mariana Markell
Principal Advisor
Melina Jampolis
Principal Advisor
Charlotte Pratt
Principal Advisor
Hsiao-Liang Pai
Founding Member
Rachel McBride
Founding Member
Makenzie	Miller
Founding Member
David Sharp
Founding Member
Margarita	Taran-Garcia
Founding Member
Ana	Moyeda
Founding Member
Kelsey Cantor
Founding Member
Aliza Stark
Founding Member
Sheila Fleischhacker
Founding Member



2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

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