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International Academy of Nutrition educators

The International Academy of Nutrition Educators is a membership scheme for professionals interested in developing and delivering high-quality nutrition education and evaluating its impact, particularly on healthcare practice. The scheme is also suitable for those undertaking nutrition research in an area that links either directly or indirectly with nutrition education and practice. With members in over 20 countries, IANE brings together people from all over the globe interested in nutrition.


Through IANE, we aim to deliver evidence-based education and training in nutrition and health to promote the capacity building and mentoring of tomorrow’s trainers as well as researchers in related areas.


IANE is hosted and managed by the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health, which has well over a decade of experience as a think-tank, training academy and knowledge network.


Looking forward, IANE aims to leverage this momentum further to provide value-added benefits for members, whilst building a strong global community through partnerships with SNEB (United States), Monash University (Australia) and BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health (United Kingdom).

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