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nnedpro-iane Europe Regional Network


The NNEdPro-IANE Europe Regional Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, and professional associations across mainland Europe. It was formed by merging the Italy Regional Network and the Switzerland Regional Network in March 2023 to include other countries in the region. And, while regions will continue to work on individual initiatives, the overall network aims to strengthen the European nutrition workforce, promoting interactions between nutrition professionals and other health professionals.

The network currently has representation in the below countries. Further countries will be added in due course; for expressions of interest, please email

  • Greece

  • Italy

  • Netherlands

  • Portugal

  • Spain

  • Switzerland

Key Aims

Strengthen the mainland European nutrition workforce through education and training opportunities

Enable positive interactions between the Nutrition workforce and other health professionals

Pilot the Mobile Teaching Kitchen International (MTKi) project in underserved areas

Organise an Annual Regional Meeting to share and showcase examples of good practice

Develop Nutrition Training to complement existing skills to the wider hospitality workforce

Launch Events

steering committee


Abdullah Mawas (UK & Ireland Representative)

Adam Strange (UK & Ireland Representative)

Alessandra Dei Cas (Italy Representative)

Alessia Bacalini (Italy Representative)

Alice Rosi (Italy Representative)

Alicia Montoya (Switzerland Representative)

Andrej Kmetko (Netherlands Representative)

Annemieke van Ginkel-Res (Netherlands Representative)

Bikram Chatterjee (Switzerland Representative)

Boshko Stankovski (North Macedonia Representative)

Brenda Bohn (Switzerland Representative)

Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir (Iceland Representative)

Charistoula Chatzinikola (Greek Representative)

Christina Nyhus Dhillon (Switzerland Representative)

Christoph Nabholz (Switzerland Representative)

Cinzia Franchini (Italy Representative)

Claudia Laricchia (Italy Representative)

Dagmar Hauner (Germany Representative)

Daniela Martini (Italy Representative)

Dan del Rio (Italy Representative)

Donato Angelino (Italy Representative)

Dorit Avni (Israel Representative)

Duygu Ağagündüz (Turkey Representative)

Esther Sulkers (Netherlands Representative)

Fabio Galvano (Italy Representative)

Federica Amati (Italy Representative)

Flavia Semenow (Andorra Representative)

Fotini Tsofliou (Greece Representative)

Francesca Ghelfi (Italy Representative)

Francesca Giopp (Italy Representative)

Francesca Liva (Italy Representative)

Francesca Scazzina (Italy Representative)

Francesco Giurdanella (Italy Representative)

Gerda Pot (Netherlands Representative)

Giorgia Grisotto (Switzerland Representative)

Giselle Durre (Germany Representative)

Giuseppe Grosso (Italy Representative)

Giuseppe Monaco (Italy Representative)

Grigorina Mitrofan (Romania Representative)

Helena Trigueiro (Portugal Representative)

Ana Ines Estevez Magnasco (Germany Representative)

Inês Barreiros Mota (Italy Representative)

Jaroslava Kreskociova (Switzerland Representative)

Jeffrey Bohn (Switzerland Representative)

Jellie Zuidema-Cazemier (Netherlands Representative)

Joana Araújo (Portugal Representative)

John Schoonbee (Switzerland Representative)

Jørgen Johnsen (Norway Representative)

Justyna Godos (Italy Representative)

Konstantinos Giannakou (Cyprus Representative)

Laís Bhering Martins (Switzerland Representative)

Letizia Bresciani (Italy Representative)

Liana Constantinescu (Romania Representative)

Magda Gamba (Switzerland Representative)

Margherita Camodeca (Italy Representative)

Margherita dall’Asta (Italy Representative)

Maria Kyprianidou (Cyprus Representative)

Marilin Matera (Italy Representative)

Marta Silva (Portugal Representative)

Matteo Salerno (Italy Representative)

Melanie Refine (Switzerland Representative)

Nicole Tosi (Italy Representative)

Oscar Franco (Netherlands Representative)

Pablo Santos Díaz (Switzerland Representative)

Panagiotis Papageorgis (Cyprus Representative)

Paula Silva (Portugal Representative)

Pedro Mena (Italy Representative)

Peter Van-Dael (Switzerland Representative)

Rajna Golubic (Representative)

Regien Biesma (Netherlands Representative)

Rita Sequeira (Italy Representative)

Ruth Roldan Torres (Italy Representative)

Sara Beigrezaei (Netherlands Representative)

Sara Roversi (Italy Representative)

Savvas Xystouris (Italy Representative)

Stavrie Chrysostomou (Cyprus Representative)

Stefan Ochsenbein (Switzerland Representative)

Sofia Cavalleri (Italy Representative)

Sonja Lackner (Austria Representative)

Souzana Ioakeimidou (Greece Representative)

Suzanne Piscopo (Malta Representative)

Ville Päivänsalo (Finland Representative)

Walter El Nagar (Switzerland Representative)

Zorita Sconta (Romania Representative)

The Regional Networks are overseen by Advisory and Facilitation Panels.

Terms of reference

Coming soon

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