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Middle East and Central Asia

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The Middle East and Central Asia Regional Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, and professional associations across mainland Europe. It was formed by merging the Middle East Regional Network (launched on 17 December 2020) with the Central Asia segment of the Central South & South East Asia Regional Network in March 2023 to better align the work within those regions. And, while some regions will continue to work on individual initiatives, the overall network aims to strengthen the European nutrition workforce, promoting interactions between nutrition professionals and other health professionals.

The network currently has representation in the following countries:

  • Israel

  • Kazakhstan

  • Saudi Arabia

  • UAE (Dubai) 

  • Qatar

Key Aims

Facilitate the spread and scale of existing nutrition knowledge, experiences, standards, and evidence-informed interventions across the region.

Support the strengthening of nutrition competence and confidence in the healthcare workforce through education and training opportunities.

Facilitate the spread and scale of existing ways to empower underserved communities and diverse populations in nutrition and health.

Facilitate knowledge sharing related to food security, food safety, food waste, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.

The 8th International Summit on Nutrition and Health

Steering Committee


Abdullah Mawas (UK & Ireland Representative)

Arzoo Malhotra (Middle East Representative)

Lisa Sharkey (Middle East Representative)

Kennia Doncato (Middle East Representative)

Maha Aljar (Saudi Arabia Representative)

Maryam Al-Mansur (Nigeria Representative)

Mohd Azzam Kayasseh (Middle East Representative)

Neeru Sood (Middle East Representative)

Norbert Goldfield (Middle East Representative)

Ramachandran Subramanian (Middle East Representative)

S. M. Faheem (Middle East Representative)

​Seta Tutundjian (Middle East Representative)

Sharifa Alblooshi (Middle East Representative)

Showkat Nabi Rather (Middle East Representative)

Sonigitu Asibong Ekpe (NNEdPro Representative)

Tahra El Obeid (Middle East Representative)

Yasmine Haddad (Middle East Representative)

Yousif Alhosani (Middle East Representative)

The Regional Networks are overseen by Advisory and Facilitation Panels.

Terms of Reference

Coming soon.

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