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Honorary Intercultural Ambassador

Ms Shivali Bhammer was born in London and is a Director in the Investment Banking group at Raymond James. She holds a BA Joint Honors in Economics & Philosophy from the University of Nottingham and a PLDA (alternate EMBA) from Harvard Business School. The Devotional Voice is an international performing artist who shares her Eastern philosophy of consciousness through her music inspiring people to feel more connected with themselves. Shivali has performed to over 1 million individuals Internationally across over 500 events from her public concerts, Diwali in the Square to hosting the New York Film Festival to speaking at the Harvard Business School. She was first signed with Sony Music India at the age of 22, releasing her first sell-out album, The Bhajan Project amassing over 60 million streams and downloads, with her second album released in 2012 called Urban Temple.


Her first two albums reached number one on the iTunes World Chart. At just 23 she was nominated for two Global Indian Music Awards for best debut and best fusion album. In celebration of the first Album she recently released a follow-up album in February 2023 called The Bhajan Project 2 for her fan base and new audience which has been positively received by national media globally where she has featured across platforms such as the BBC, The Rolling Stone, Music Unplugged, Eastern Eye & more. 


Shivali also holds a diploma in Acting, Kathak (classical Indian dance) and Ballet. As a writer, she has published for newspapers such as The Financial Times, The Orange County Register, Science & Spirituality, Spirituality & Health, Hinduism Today, Spiritual Directors International, and India Link on topics of philosophy and faith. Today Shivali shares her remarkable success, inspiring more listeners not only through her dance, singing, and writing but motivational speaking, where she has delivered global keynotes from the International Women's Day Conference in New York to guest speaking at the Women of India: Leading in a Time of Crisis. Since 2021 Shivali has collaborated with the leading meditation app in India called think.right where she is the Master of the Seven-day Visualisation Meditation Series. Shivali provides a deeper purpose to motivate others to a higher level of living.


We are delighted to have Ms Shivali as the NNEdPro Intercultural Ambassador as she plays a significant role in promoting the overall mission of NNEdPro as well as the mission of our flagship Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiatives across cultural borders and through cultural events including potential fundraising initiatives.

Junior ambassadorS' CLUB [VOLUNTARY]

At our 10th Anniversary in 2018 we launched our ambassadors and outreach programme. In 2021, Giselle Dürre became the Joint Lead Junior Ambassador along with Nikitah Ray, with a special focus on climate change, sustainability and food security.

Joint Lead Junior Ambassadors

Central Support

Claudia Rodrigues Hernandez

Ela Augustyniak

Mercedes Zorrilla Tejeda

Ramya Rajaram

Samyyia Ashraf

Sarah Anderson (corresponding)

Shumone Ray

Sucheta Mitra

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