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The NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health is an award-winning think-thank that aims to strengthen primary nutrition research, implement effective solutions and reduce nutrition and health inequities globally. A key way we aim to tackle this is by training early career professionals. 


The NNEdPRo’s organisations internship programme assists Master’s students in developing essential nutrition and public health knowledge, employment skills and vocational experience, and establishing important contacts to advance their careers. NNEdPro interns have the opportunity to add and further develop research and transferable skills whilst working collaboratively with lead nutrition experts globally. 

NNEdPro interns are provided with bespoke mentoring/career development packages over 3-6 months, alongside valuable exposure to nutrition healthcare research environments and training in areas such as nutrition research methods, science and communication, writing grants and other training where required. Each role then provides an opportunity to be a key member in projects or initiatives, contributing to NNEdPro’s overall goals. The intern team support NNEdPro’s functions by…


After an initial probationary period of Graduate Intern status, the Master's students/newly qualified post-graduates currently hold the roles of Senior Interns; Entry-level Research Assistant/Officer roles, until the end of 2021. The key areas of work the interns contribute to are IKANN, NEPHELP UK, Mobile Teaching Kitchen, Coalition, IANE, Nutrition & Vascular Cardiometabolic Research (Swiss Re) and Membership, Comms and Digital Support.  


How can I find out more?

If you like what you see and are interested in becoming an Intern at The NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health, please contact us for more information or email with your CV and a supporting personal statement. Individuals who hold or are currently completing a University Master's degree in Nutrition or a relevant scientific field will be eligible to apply for the programme.  


Please note, NNEdPro is currently not accepting internship placements. If you would like to be considered for future placements, please contact us and we can keep your information on file.

“The past 4 months at NNEdPro has been academically stimulating, exciting and an invaluable opportunity to develop my professional skills and gain relevant research experience. I have been involved in projects from around the globe, actively participated in the research process, and was also given the opportunity to partake in the summer school taught by key leaders and decision-makers in the field of Nutrition. I now feel more empowered in my field because I have gained experience applying nutrition concepts to the real world.”
- NNEdPro Intern

"NNEdPro is a great eye-opener and wonderful challenge.  I've really enjoyed the wide and varied exposure as well as the opportunities that were offered on the internship program. I learnt a great deal from a diversified team, open discussions, and a nourishing culture.  It was a great opportunity to start my nutrition career in an organisation that appreciates career development and offers mentorship to support that.”
- NNEdPro Intern

Professional Interns 2021

Over 2021, five candidates at post master’s level, successfully completed an internship followed by a period of senior internship, leading to ongoing positions within our Virtual Core.

Professional Interns 2022-23

Professional Interns 2023

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