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NNEdPro is governed by a Board of Directors, which sets the organization’s overall direction and manages budget, risk and governance. Within the Board of Directors, three individuals are registered as Persons with Significant Control (PSCs) with UK Companies House. A sub-set of Directors form the Directorial Executive team, which provides operational support to the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors is advised by two committees.

  1. The Finance, Audit and Risk Committee (FinARC) monitors financial risks and makes budgetary recommendations to the Board of Directors. 

  2. The Strategic Advisory Committee, comprised of independent advisors, brings regional and subject-matter expertise. This committee provides strategic recommendations to the Board of Directors.

advisory & Steering Committees

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Finance, Audit & Risk COmmittee (Finarc)

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Governance & finance COmmittee (gfc)

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Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC)

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