Kids Kitchen Club Challenge

Nutritank and NNEdPro are working together to bring Nutrition Education to kids aged 8-13. We are calling on all 8-13 year olds to send in some creative recipes or artwork of their dream ‘Good Health Plate’! There will be 4 winners: Best Starter, Best Main, Best Dessert and Best Good Health Plate chosen by the Nutrition Implementation Coalition members. The winners will be made Junior Ambassadors for NNEdPro for 2020-21. All entrants will be added the NNEdPro Junior Ambassadors’ Club where they will be kept updated regarding any new competitions and opportunities!

The Kids Kitchen Club Challenge is co-led by Nutritank and NNEdPro, on behalf of the Nutrition Implementation Coalition.

Results will be announced at the NNEdPro Summit on the 26th September


Alvin Keffa

12 years old

Arun Dutta-Reynolds

9 years old

Antonina Augustyniak-Gibbons

9 years old

Giselle Dürre

12 years old

more inspiration

Check out the videos below for recipes prepared by Nikitah Rajput Ray, NNEdPro Junior Ambassador



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2016 Finalist & Runner-Up: BMJ Education Team of the Year Awards

2015 Complete Nutrition Outstanding Achievement Award

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