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Nnedpro-iane CANADA
regional Network


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Launched on December 1, 2020, the NNEdPro-IANE Canada Regional Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, medical and health care educators, and professional associations in Canada. Check out the agenda here.

Key Aims

Facilitate the spread and scale of existing nutrition knowledge, experiences, standards, and evidence-informed interventions across Canada and internationally. 

Network with and provide connections between organizations and individuals with similar interests and expertise. 

Develop research questions at the intersection of nutrition, health, education, and environment in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Facilitate the spread and scale of existing ways to empower underserved communities and diverse populations in nutrition and health. 

 Support the strengthening of nutrition competence and confidence in the healthcare workforce through education and training opportunities.

Steering committee


  • Abdullah Mawas

  • Andre Laperriere

  • Andrea Grantham

  • Fareeha Quayyum

  • Halima Jama

  • Heather Keller

  • Janice Man

  • Jaroslav Guzanič

  • Jessica John

  • Justine Keathley

  • Kaitlyn Shannon

  • Karen Fleming

  • Katherine Ford

  • Leah Gramlich

  • Marjorie Lima do Vale

  • Rim Mouhaffel

  • Rose Hastreiter

  • Shirin Panahi

  • Shivani Bhat

  • Souzana Ioakeimidou

  • Ulrich Kotomale

The Regional Networks are overseen by Advisory and Facilitation Panels.

Terms of reference

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