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Nutrition Education for all stakeholders: Four impactful events over two days

December saw NNEdPro participate in and/or run a number of key impactful events raising awareness amongst a wide audience.

On 11 December we saw a hat-trick series of participation in three events where members of the virtual core shared key messages across to Policy Makers, Business and Health professionals alike.

Professor Shumone Ray chaired the Inside Government Interactive Forum on 'Raising Hospital Food and Nutrition Standards Across the NHS' where Dr Luke Buckner ran an interactive session on Nutrition Education Policy for Healthcare.

Meanwhile on the same day, Dr Minha Rajput-Ray gave a NNEdPro presentation at Genesis in London, the major biotech/pharma conference organised by One Nucleus each year.

Simultaneously, Elaine MacAninch RD ran a session on behalf of NNEdPro and its sister organisation ERimNN to over 70 GP's at the NHS East of England Diabetes training day.

On 12 December, Dr Tim Eden RD, supported by Matheus Abrantes, Elaine and Shumone ran a very well attended nutrition workshop for foundation doctors at Barts and the London in Royal London Hospital.

Overall, this was a great way for NNEdPro to end the year on a note of engagement and impact and watch this space for more information on outcomes

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