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International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE) Key Messages of Support

Message from Lord Richard Balfe of Dulwich

NNEdPro & IANE Honorary President

The NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health has a proven track record, built over the past decade of training individuals in the field of nutrition and human health. This has been achieved through many initiatives over the years such as workshops, conferences and online activities. Given their expertise and experiences working with trainers and trainees from across the world, it gives me great pleasure to see them continue their work by bringing training and mentoring online through their International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE).

IANE was brought about via a need to not only up skill people in the discipline of nutrition, but to give them the skills to go and train others. Using the wide network that has been developed and cultivated over the last number of years, the opportunities for mentorship are vast and varied. The mentors range from clinicians, lab scientists, those involved in policy and public engagement. I believe that this is a great place for anyone interested in learning more about nutrition and how to implement it more in their practice to learn. I would encourage anyone who is curious to engage with and benefit from such a great opportunity for further training as well as professional networking.


Message from Lord Rana MBE of Malone

NNEdPro and IANE Honorary Patron

NNEdPro as a global think tank has over the years been developing its training academy, and creating a strong knowledge network of meaningful exchanges for adaptable and scalable models of medical nutrition education for the healthcare professionals worldwide. To further this goal, NNEdPro in collaboration with SNEB (United States) and Monash University (Australia) created an avenue/platform to mentor our future trainers, particularly in evidence based nutrition and medical/healthcare nutrition.

Through its wide range of global networks, NNEdPro has been connecting with current and future healthcare practitioners, nutrition educators, recent graduates and various organizations in delivering high-quality nutrition education and improving heath practices, attitudes, and outcomes of larger communities. I would highly recommend everyone, interested in promoting nutrition education and envisioning healthy communities through research, policy, and practice, to avail the value-added opportunities provided by IANE.


Message from Suzanne Piscopo

Past President Society of Nutrition Educators and Behaviour (SNEB)

As a nutrition educator I have mainly worked in schools, academia, the mass media and in community adult and lifelong education. During my 26 years (and counting) as a SNEB member, this organisation and its various activities, meetings and fellow-members have all enriched my professional delivery and research capacity in myriad ways, contributing to my evolving formation and to the quality of my outputs. However, with Nutrition education being such a dynamic and diverse field, I feel that the quest for learning is never really satiated. Somehow there is always another area which you are enticed to explore; another sector where perhaps you feel you could, or should, be more active. This is where IANE can play a role. I was very excited when SNEB and NNEdPro initiated discussions to collaborate on the IANE. It was evident that IANE could offer interested SNEB members an opportunity to be mentored in an area they wished to strengthen their skills in, or an area they were just starting to pursue, particularly with respect to developing, delivering and evaluating nutrition education in healthcare settings and practices. Indeed, this was one of the reasons I was attracted to IANE membership. This year I took advantage of the SNEB-IANE discount to be able to have access to the expertise and guidance of potential mentors from the IANE. I am particularly keen on honing my skills in development, management and impact evaluation of transdisciplinary training in nutrition for healthcare professionals. Thus, I look forward to being matched with my mentors for multiple personalised sessions. I also look forward to tapping into the IANE faculty’s wealth of experience, in-person or through webinars, gaining from their knowledge and insights and thus adding to my confidence and potential as a nutrition educator with deeper understanding, a broader perspective and, hopefully, a more meaningful impact. I augur that SNEB members will also consider the IANE as a possible route for professional development in nutrition and public health, benefiting from the experts from all over the globe.

Suzanne Piscoppo, Malta


Message from Melissa Adamski

Monash University & IANE Steering Comittee

Hello from Australia – I am one of the NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel members from one of the NNEdPro ANZ collaborators. I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian from the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food at Monash University in Australia (also known as Monash Nutrition), and have a keen interest in nutrition education, especially in assisting healthcare professionals and doctors advocate for good nutrition with their patients. I love my role in the Department, leading Monash Nutrition’s suite of Food as Medicine online courses for healthcare professionals. Our Food as Medicine courses are designed to provide doctors and healthcare professionals with practical, relevant and evidenced based nutrition education so they can upskill in nutrition and provide helpful nutrition advice to their patients. At Monash Nutrition we have developed these courses because we believe doctors and healthcare professionals have a role to play, alongside nutrition professionals such as dietitians, in providing nutrition education and advice to people.

Monash Nutrition is delighted the Food as Medicine courses are recognised as a pathway for doctors and healthcare professionals to apply for IANE membership. These courses are also offered at a discount to IANE members as a benefit of membership – this is for IANE members who haven’t competed them or wanted to complete additional courses. We believe our collaboration with NNEdPro will provide increased access to nutrition education for doctors and healthcare professionals and continue to raise awareness about the critical role of nutrition in health. There are many benefits of IANE membership, including the bespoke 1-1 mentoring scheme. This scheme provides members with access to experienced nutrition educators from around the world, as a chance to integrate their knowledge into practice.

We look forward to seeing the IANE membership grow – and I might even see some of you in mentoring!

Melissa Adamski MND, BSc, APD

Accredited Practising Dietitian and PhD candidate

Monash University


Message from Sucheta Mitra

IANE Membership Officer

After a successful launch of the IANE pilot in February 2019, and the successive few months of the regular sessions being conducted, I am pleased to witness the growing interest in IANE amongst relevant professionals worldwide.

Thank you to all our existing members for being part of the IANE scheme and bringing your rich expertise and experience from your respective fields. We hope to keep strengthening our engagement in the coming weeks and months through various innovative and interactive training tools and membership benefits. A few updates going forward:

  • We currently have 68 IANE Subscribing members (38 from IANE and 30 from Faculty and Mentors Panel) The 38 IANE members represent SNEB, Monash University, NNEdPro Summer School Alumni and NNEdPro internal and external members. I would request all our members to please create your members profile on the website if you have not done so;

  • All IANE members registered in 2019 or 2020 will receive complimentary membership until 31st May 2020. Your new membership renewal date will therefore be 1st June 2020;

  • We are soon migrating to a new system ‘Wild Apricot’ replacing the current WIX platform that we have. An email will be sent to all of you in the coming week(s) with instructions on how to transfer to this new platform as well as to smoothly navigate this space;

  • For the new/prospective members, the start date of your new membership will be 1st June and clear instructions regarding the new application system via ‘ Wild Apricot’ will be provided on the IANE page on our website; and

  • All Professional members are entitled to Post Nominal MIANE Certificates which you will soon receive from us.

Lastly as the IANE Membership Officer and your membership focal point, on behalf of my team (NNEdPro, SNEB and Monash colleagues), I am looking forward to further engage with all of you to enable a continuous enriching and valuable experience during your entire IANE Membership.


Message from Nikitah Ray

NNEdPro & IANE Junior Ambassador

As our junior ambassador and champion on action for climate change and the environment Nikitah rapidly penned down the following message to ask that we do not forget to address sustainability issues as we go about our business as nutrition educators:

One December day it was fine but something tragic happened in China. Some blamed it on one of the earth’s creatures and some blamed it on our mobile phone networks. It was not the point that COVID-19 had happened but rather the fact that we now have two crises but one of them has squished the other out of sight. I’m talking about climate change with polar bears drifting on blocks of ice and Bengal tigers being killed. We were thriving and ‘living life’ but now the tables have turned. Now we know how the animal kingdom felt when we were living the lives of our dreams! Yes we work hard but they were putting in double the energy to live and protect their young. Now we all know what it feels like when they were shrinking in numbers. We need to understand that this planet is shared between the animal kingdom and humans. Some believe that we come first and some believe that animals come before us and you can believe what you want but as long as we understand that it is shared and sharing is caring. Please remember this in your work as nutrition educators!

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