The Brazil NNEdPro Network is a collaboration of dietitians, doctors, academics, medical and healthcare educators, researchers students and professional associations in Brazil.

Key Aims

Strengthen the Brazilian Nutrition workforce through education and training opportunities

Enable positive interactions between the Nutrition workforce and other health professionals

Pilot the NNEdPro Mobile teaching Kitchen Project in slums or underserved areas

Organise an Annual Regional Meeting to share and showcase examples of good practice

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Launch Event

Read our blog post!

We would like to thank Jennifer Dean, Larissa Nicomedes and Richard Kearney and the key institutes: Department for International TradeFIA Business SchoolUniversity Sao CamiloASBRANSt John's Innovation Centre and University of Sao Paulo for their help with the launch event.

steering committee


Central Ops and Strategy Facilitation

founding members

Nagila Raquel Damasceno

Maria Camila Pruper de Freitas

Barbara Hatzlhoffer

Neha Khandpur

Paulo Lotufo

Maria Cervato Mancuso

Dirce Maria Marchioni

Ana Paula de Queiroz Mello

Vincent Nicolas Pasquier

Sandra Maria Chemin Seabra da Silva

Dulcinea Aparecida Carvalho da Silva

Denise Cussioli Goncalves de Sousa

Fernanda Zacchi