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The Online Diet Wars: What is it achieving?| CN article, February 2019

As two master’s level dietetic students, authors James Bradfield and Shane McAuliffe spend a significant proportion of their time reading academic papers, commentaries and editorials. They are encouraged to critically appraise this work and to engage with the scientific community wherever possible. For many students, this means via social media. Although one might expect the usual scientific rigour and respect usually found in the lab would be found online too, this is not always true.

Online Diet Wars - NNEdPro article in CN

Click here to read James and Shane’s thoughts on the Online Diet Wars …

“Never did we expect that it would be a platform which could hand you a direct line to some of the most well­-known and well­-respected clinicians and academics in our field. It was exciting to think we could engage in debate with some of the best minds in the business. However, we soon learned that this is not always the case. Was it naïve to assume that, although people in the field come from different backgrounds and areas of research, that they would put their differences aside to consider the bigger picture around coherent public messaging?”

Read on to find out about the role of social media in diet and nutrition.


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