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The NNEdPro GODAN Partnership | CN article, November 2018

The November 2018 CN article – The NNEdPro GODAN Partnership talks about bringing the worlds of agricultural and human nutrition together through a common culture in open data.


In 2016, Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) held a summit in New York, following which a partnership was formalised with the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health.

This alliance brought together a wealth of knowledge in both open data and nutrition, to provide expertise and knowledge of opportunities and challenges across the food supply chain, and their impacts on the environment, health and wellbeing of society.

Development of a Nutrition Open Data Strategy became a key collaborative focus and we are delighted to share some insights which we have gained over the past two years.

We live in a data-­driven world where information is key in all walks of life, as it is in the case of nutrition and agriculture practitioners. By making data open and available to those who need it most, this partnership has the broad aim of helping progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, many of which are linked to nutrition.

The development of the GODAN­-NNEdPro Nutrition Open Data Strategy aims to provide a method of making nutrition data openly available and accessible to everyone and adhering to data ethics procedures. NNEdPro’s International Knowledge Application Network in Nutrition Initiative 2025 (I­KANN­25) aims to achieve sustained impact in global healthcare systems by promulgating high quality and scaleable nutrition education.

This is based on three pillars:

Diagram 1


The article was a collaborative effort written by James Bradfield, edited by Karen Chamberland and Prof Sumantra Ray with key contributions from Dr Glenys Jones, Ruthie Musker and Nida Ziaudeen. Special acknowledgements to Juliet Tumeo, Jennifer Dean, and Andre Laperriere.

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