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Food Allergy Can be Fatal | CN article, October 2018

This months’ CN article – ‘Food Allergy Can be Fatal’ – aims to raise awareness around food allergy management in nutritional healthcare.


The article is dedicated to the memory of 9 year old Nainika Tikoo, who was severely asthmatic and allergic to cows’ milk protein and had an undiagnosed allergy to blackberries. In 2017 she suffered from food-related anaphylaxis and passed away three days later as a result of multisystemic complications and possible cross contamination between berries and dairy, despite standard health service interventions at the time.

We discuss care provided, gaps in care, the current state of play and what we can do going forward including what NNEdPro is doing to improve the awareness and education of health professionals.

The article was a collaborative effort written by Shivani Bhat and Lakshmi Kaul (Nainika Tikoo Memorial Trust), and edited by James Bradfield and Prof Sumantra Ray.


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For more information on the memorial trust that been set up in memory of Nainika, please visit: 

For more information about our CMPA project, please email:

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