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Can the kitchen be an effective classroom for nutrition education? | CN article, September 2018

Updated: Jul 24, 2019


September CN article focuses on one of our favourite subjects – Teaching Kitchens!

In this article, we present three different teaching kitchens from the UK, USA and India  and discuss their potential to teach participants about nutrition in addition to cooking skills.

The first is Culinary Medicine UK – is a programme to help clinicians understand the role of cooking and food choice to meet health goals, which has had great success in US medical schools. Culinary Medicine UK ran their first programme with 16 doctors in February 2018.

Faculty and students joined forces with chefs and experts in clinical nutrition to establish the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Teaching Kitchen in 2015. The Teaching Kitchen aim is to bridge the gap between learning about nutrition concepts in lectures and confidently applying food and diet related principles in practice.

Also in 2015, NNEdPro established the innovative Mobile Teaching Kitchen to bring nutrition education to the urban slums of Kolkata with the aim of improving nutrition and health outcomes for the women of the slums, their children and their families.

This month’s article was a collaborative effort between our colleagues Elaine MacAninch and Kathy Martin from Culinary Medicine UK and Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Shannon Wongvibulsin from Johns Hopkins University and Luke Buckner, NNEdPro’s Junior Doctor and Medical Student Representative co-lead. Our grateful thanks to all involved!

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