6th International Summit on Medical & Public Health Nutrition Education & Research

Poster Competition

The abstract authors below participated in the poster competition. 

All accepted abstracts will be published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health.


POSTER 1: IL-10 haplotypes and TNF-α levels are associated with low muscle mass in patients with chronic hepatitis C

Pedro Alves Soares Vaz de Castro, Thais Pontela de Vries, Anna Luiza Soares Chagas, Diego Alves Vieira, Tatiana Bering, Gifone Aguiar Rocha, Luciana Diniz Silva.

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POSTER 2: Low phase angle is associated with cirrhosis and low muscle mass in chronic hepatitis C patients

Pedro Alves Soares Vaz de Castro, Matheus Duarte Brito, Nataly Lopes Viana, Tatiana Bering, Gifone Aguiar Rocha, Luciana Diniz Silva.

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POSTER 3: A pilot study of nutrition management in the Department of Pediatrics in a local district hospital in Kazakhstan

Aigul Kaliyeva, Mei Yen Chan, Assiya Turgambayeva.


POSTER 4: The State of Nutrition Education in UK Medical Schools 

Won Young Yoon, Sharanniyan Ragavan, Ashley Stokes, Tricia Tay, Naomi Christian, Syed Gilani, Elaine Macaninch.

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POSTER 5: Postoperative Ileus and Perioperative Nutrition Optimisation in an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Programme

Reyhani H, Macaninch E, Martyn K, Copeland E.

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POSTER 6: Eating in or out of home in the Portuguese population: Are there differences in dietary intake?  

Mariana Silva, Sara Rodrigues, Daniela Correi, Duarte Torres, Carla Lopes, Milton Severo.

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POSTER 7: Assessment Of Nutrition Related Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices of Pregnant And Lactating Mothers In The Tribal Areas of Telangana, India 

Padmaja Ravula, Kavitha Kasala.

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POSTER 8: Do nutrition education programmes improve health outcomes in patients with chronic diseases? A systematic review.

Alexander A, Sureshkumar A, Jones M, Marais D.

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POSTER 9: Should we be providing food directly to patients in primary care? a systematic review of the literature

Lauren Ball, Mari Somerville, Jennifer Crowley, Zoe Calleja, Katelyn Barnes.

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POSTER 10: How does self-perceived nutrition competence change over time during medical training? A prospective longitudinal observational study of New Zealand medical students

Jennifer Crowley, Lauren Ball, Clare Wall.

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POSTER 11: An Evaluation of The Current State Of Hypertension Diagnosis And Management In A Rural Primary Care Practice

Shivani Bhat and Dr David Molony.


POSTER 12: Evaluating the impact of a sustainable kitchen supplying affordable surplus-food based meals to local communities in Winchester

Luke Buckner, Pairavi Gnanananthan, Charlie Howie, Georgie Lobo-Horth, Chintan Vora, Rebecca Perrin.

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POSTER 13: An Innovative Approach to the Double-Burden of Malnutrition in Kolkata, India: Medical College Workshops and the Piloting of a “Mobile Teaching Kitchen”

Luke Buckner, Maria Korre, Minha Rajput-Ray, Sento Kargbo, Sanchita Banerjee, Debashis Chakraborty, Sumantra Ray.


POSTER 14: NNEdPro Global Centre Response to the UK Government Obesity Strategy

Shane McAuliffe, Marjorie Lima do Vale, Elaine Macaninch, James Bradfield, Dominic Crocombe, Sento Kargbo, Daniele Del Rio, Emily Fallon, Kathy Martyn, Martin Kohlmeier, Eleanor Beck, Suzana Almoosawi, Sumantra Ray.


Other Abstracts

The abstract authors below did not participate in the competition as they were either submitted by members of the NNEdPro Summit Planning Committee or authors opted for an "abstract only" submission and/or supplementary videos were provided after the competition deadline.

POSTER 15: Perspectives on sustaining, spreading and scaling-up of diabetes quality improvement interventions

Celia Laur, Ann Marie Corrado, Jeremy M. Grimshaw, Noah Ivers.

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POSTER 16: Effectiveness of a Health Promotion Stand at a UK University to Raise Awareness on Obesity-related Weight Bias and Stigma: A Pilot Study

Fathimath Naseer, Judith Baird, Ruth Price, Pauline Douglas, Barbara Livingstone.


POSTER 17: Credibility and reach of nutrition influencers on social media 

Melissa A. Fernandez, Anne Caretero, Eyasu Jacob, Josh Karatha, and Kim D. Raine.


POSTER 18: Mapping data opportunities relating to food, nutrition and health in the COVID-19 pandemic

Dominic Crocombe, Luke Buckner, Marjorie Lima do Vale, Elaine Macinich, Suzana Almoosawi, Sumantra Ray.


POSTER 19: Diet diversity for improved nutrition: A narrative synthesis of innovative practices promoting dietary diversity and nutritional adequacy in the Indian states of Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand, with a focus on indigenous and rural people

Jørgen Torgerstuen Johnsen, Helena Trigueiro, Sucheta Mitra and Sumantra Ray.


POSTER 20: Lessons learned from the NNEdPro Nutrition and COVID-19 Taskforce

Dominic Crocombe, Shane Mcauliffe, Martin Kohlmeier, Sumantra Ray

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POSTER 21: Evaluating the impact of Skype appointments in the antenatal clinic & the effect on outcomes in pregnancies affected by gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)

Shane McAuliffe, Rob Skinner, Emma Evans, Syed Haris Ahmed.


POSTER 22: The Influence of Body Mass Index, Glycemic Control and Vitamin D Status on Outcomes in Patients Admitted to Intensive Care with COVID-19: A single centre retrospective study

Timothy Eden, Jonathan Neville, Shane McAuliffe, Dominic Crocombe, Sumantra Ray.


POSTER 23: A qualitative study of the perceptions of low carbohydrate diets and their discussion on social media among Dietitians in England

James Bradfield, Tom Butler, Rob Skinner, Sumantra Ray.

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Summit Proceedings



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