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Towards Equity and an Inclusive Future: Preparing for the NNEdPro-IANE 10th International Summit on “Democratising and Decolonising Food and Nutrition"

Written by Dr Ramya Rajaram   

Acknowledgement to Roshni Patel 

Reviewed and edited by Professor Sumantra Ray   


In the evolving landscape of food and nutrition, the quest for inclusivity, equity, and collaboration has become paramount. This forms the cornerstone of the 10th edition of the International Summit on Food, Nutrition, and Health, organised by the NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health, the International Academy of Nutrition Educators, and BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health. Scheduled for 2024, this landmark Summit aims to delve into the theme of "Democratising and Decolonising Food and Nutrition: From Science to Society," marking a significant milestone in advancing discourse within the field. 

The theme of the Summit, "Democratising and Decolonising Food and Nutrition," encapsulates two pivotal concepts aimed at reshaping the narrative surrounding food and nutrition. While 'Democratising' seeks to broaden the conversation by integrating diverse perspectives and bridging the gap between traditional knowledge systems and contemporary scientific research, 'Decolonising' involves critically examining historical influences on research, education, practice, and policy, with a focus on fostering inclusivity and acknowledging contributions from all stakeholders, especially those from historically under-represented regions and communities. 

The Summit's agenda resonates with the discourse on food democracy, which advocates for redistributing power and enabling citizen participation in food systems. However, challenges persist in operationalising concepts like 'food sovereignty' and 'food justice,' hindering their practical implementation and limiting their potential impact. Yet, scholars and practitioners continue to advocate for transformative approaches that expand democracy and freedom within food systems. 

Against this backdrop, the Summit endeavours to clarify definitions, identify gaps, and highlight opportunities for growth and collaboration across various pillars of food and nutrition. By examining existing studies and successful models, the Summit aims to uncover strategies that promote inclusivity and equity in food and nutrition, ultimately envisioning a future where interdisciplinary communities collaborate inclusively to bridge the gap between science and society. 

The Summit adopts a two-tiered approach, with pre-summit proceedings in Belfast and the main Summit event in Kolkata, India. The pre-summit workshop and roundtable discussions in Belfast provide a structured platform for collaboration and idea exchange, setting the stage for impactful discussions during the main Summit. The main event in Kolkata unfolds across four days, featuring plenary sessions, panel discussions, and exhibitions, culminating in the synthesis of findings and the formulation of a draft white paper as a call to action and further advocacy.


In conclusion, the 10th International Summit on Food, Nutrition, and Health represents a pivotal opportunity to foster dialogue, collaboration, and action on critical issues within the field. By embracing inclusivity and equity and integrating diverse perspectives, the Summit aims to propel the discourse on food and nutrition towards a future where scientific approaches serve society equitably. This includes advocating for bespoke research into the needs of currently underserved populations to create an evidence base that is tailored specific to diverse groups rather than relying on extrapolation. To learn more about the Summit and register for events, visit the NNEdPro website


Event Registration Details: 

Pre-Summit Workshop & Roundtable Discussion: July 1, 2024. Register here

Main Summit Event: December 17-20, 2024. Register here

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