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NNEdPro Australia and New Zealand Network Launch

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

March 21st 2016, Perth

One of the action points from the First International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research, held in August 2015, was to establish a network in Australia and New Zealand with individuals who were interested in progressing medical/healthcare nutrition education and research ‘down under’.

The Launch: As a result, we launched the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) Network at the 2016 joint conference of the Ottawa and Australia New Zealand Association of Health Professional Educators, facilitated by Prof Caryl Nowson and Robyn Perlstein, Deakin University. The launch is an initiative of our Global Innovation Panel (GIP), led by Dr Lauren Ball (NHMRC/Griffith University) and Celia Laur (University of Waterloo) and supported by members of the ANZ NNEdPro Network Steering Committee, including Dr Helen McCarthy and A/Prof Gina Ambrosini. Key UK NNEdPro members, including Prof Sumantra Ray (Ex-Officio Co-Chair of the Network) and Pauline Douglas (NNEdPro Vice Chair), also travelled to Australia to support the launch.

Please check out our CN Article for more information.

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