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End of Summer Newsletter: Chair's Update

August has been a month juxtaposing the final embers of the summer holidays with the exponential efforts in preparing for our very first ever FULLY VIRTUAL online Summer School and International Summit along with our Global Strategy Day this September! These events are expected to digitally bring together over a hundred potential changemakers at a moment when the pandemic has highlighted the need for nutrition to be brought centre stage more than ever before. August also marked the end of the first six months of learning around Nutrition and COVID-19 brought together by our dedicated Taskforce as we shared our findings with the world in 2.5 hours of live content. This is however just a beginning as we still have much to learn over the next 6 months whilst everyone prepares for secondary impacts of the pandemic as we cross the calendar year.

I would also like to welcome a number of new members who have joined this month and thank those who are moving on as our Think tank continues to move forward as a diverse global community. This month we have also had regional network steering meetings in Australia and New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland and the USA whilst planning for India, Italy, and UK and Ireland over the coming month. Once again, in this brave new digital world it has become possible for us to take deep dives into multiple continents without leaving our homes or incurring added carbon footprint, certainly something to consider retaining well into the future! Finally, as we head into the action-packed month of September and come out at the other end with added insights as well as a refreshed organisational strategy, as ever I would like to express huge thanks especially to members of our Virtual Core and particularly our Operations and Strategy Team who have been akin to a galaxy of stars in preparing the stage as we gear up to say ‘lights, camera, and action’ this September for what promises to be another bumper edition of our flagship events… hope to see you very soon (online)!

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