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Behind the Scenes @ 10 Years | CN Article, June 2018

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Meet the NNEdPro Core Team!

Behind the scenes
  1. What does NNEdPro mean to you?

  2. What is your motivation to be involved in NNEdPro?

  3. What do you think is the future of NNEdPro?

The responses helped us gain an insight into the drivers behind our shared mission and vision, which we have summarised in our CN article:

Behind the Scenes @ 10 years

But don’t just read about us – come meet us in person during NNEdPro Nutrition Week 2018! The NNEdPro Core Team are integral to our annual Summer School and International Summit and will be there to answer your questions in person.

  1. Are you a professional or student with an interest in nutrition? Then our Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition from 14th-18th July 2018 is for you! Read more on the University of Cambridge Institute for Continuing Education website including how to register.

  2. The 4th Annual NNEdPro International Summit incorporates a Members and Stakeholders Global Strategy Workshop on 19th July, which is by invitation only, and our International Conference on Medical and Public Health Nutrition Education and Research on 20th July.

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