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BMA Blog (2015) Let Food Be Thy Medicine


Newcastle University (2013) Students start their PIPS.


Perspectives in Public Health (2013) ‘Five Year Update: the Need for Nutrition Education Programme’.  


Nutrition Newsletters (2013) Sugar Nutrition, The Need for Nutrition Education Programme.


BMA News (2013) A Shared Will for Progress  – Eating Your Way to a Healthy Heart. 


BMA News (2012) Call for Improved Nutrition Teaching (October 27, 2012).


BMA News (2012) Juniors Promote Nutrition Campaign.


BMA Student News (2011) Need for Nutrition Education Programme.


Ray, S., Rajput-Ray M., Douglas P., & Laur, C. (2013). Letter on Nutrition and Fluid Balance. BMJ.


Eden T, Ray S, Sayegh M (2012). Diagnosis and Management of Raynaud’s Phenomenon – Role of Nutrition. BMJ.

Nursing Essay Competition 2016

June 2016

Complete Nutrition Articles

NNEdPro Down Under - Launching an Australia and New Zealand Network

May 2016

An Evidence-based ‘gut feeling’: Dietary polyphenols and the gut microbiome

April 2016

International initiatives in nutrition education and related research

February/March 2016

NNEdPro: Who are we?

December 2015

Same Challenge- different countries- common voice!

October 2015 

NNEdPro at the World Congress on Public Health 2015

June 2015

Strengthening doctors’ nutrition knowledge and education.

May 2015

What should we teach students about nutrition?

September 2016

Scaling up Nutrition in Morocco

July/August 2016

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NNEdPro Newsletters

Is there  a solution to tackling child malnutrition in urban slums?

October 2016

Winter Newsletter, December 2015



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New Year Newsletter, February 2017

The GODAN-UN Summit 2016: Can open data ensure better nutrition and global food security?

November 2016

NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health: Translating knowledge, through education, into practice

December 2016 / January 2017


The Renaissance of the Mediterranean Diet

April 2017

Cooking up a Novel Recipe for Medical Nutrition Education

February 2017 / March 2017

NNEdPro Week 2017: Summit and Summer School

May 2017

NNEdPro Week: Summit and Summer School 2017

Three Strategies to Integrate Nutrition into Existing Medical Curricula

June  2017

NNEdPro Week: Summit and Summer School 2017 Update

An Online Toolkit to Improve Nutritional Care

July-August  2017

Global Challenges – Let’s End Malnutrition by 2030

September  2017

Nutrition Week 2017: Summer School and Summit In Review

October  2017

NNEdPro Win MNI Award

November  2017

I-KANN-25: A Case Study from India

December  2017