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The NNEdPro Nine

During Global Strategy Day 2020, members of the NNEdPro Global Center for Nutrition and Health assembled virtually to discuss our vision and key strategic priorities for 2021-2025.

1. To become a globally recognised apex body for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange in nutrition, health, and closely related domains.

2. To continue to lead sustainable voluntary regional networks for nutrition knowledge exchange and advocacy across the globe, aligning to relevant national and international organisations.

3. To continue to deliver a range of ‘gold-standard’ nutrition education programmes that encourage capacity building across international networks, driving the inclusion of nutrition in clinical education and practice.

4. To advance priority nutrition research through basic science, human interventions, population studies, evidence syntheses and an associated publication platform.

5. To work towards minimising nutrition and health inequities by empowering individuals and driving systemic change for underserved populations.

6. To drive the implementation of nutrition knowledge into policy, practice, and wider food and health systems, by providing leadership, advocacy, as well as encouraging collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations.

7. To function as an agile nutrition think-tank with high quality infrastructure for provision of consultancy services.

8. To facilitate the funding and commissioning of nutrition related projects in priority areas.

9. To increase focus on sustainability and climate change within food and nutrition related research and practice.

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