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NNEdPro at the Biotech Consortium Conference in Bologna

NNEdPro Chair Prof Shumone Ray and Scientific Director Prof Dan Del Rio attended the Biotech Consortium Conference in Bologna, Italy last week. Prof Del Rio presented on the role of polyphenols in the gut microbiome and their impact on future health.

To further strengthen our Italian network, Prof Ray met with the Golinelli Foundation to discuss future NNEdPro-Italy collaboration.

Further in this trip, our NNEdPro Directors were invited to examine 9 PhDs in the Food and Drug Department in University of Parma. Each thesis which was previously reviewed by two independent reviewers, was presented by each candidate for 20 mins followed by 10-15 mins questions by the panel of four examiners. After a full day of review of high quality doctoral theses, 9 very capable researchers were awarded their well deserved Dr titles on March 21st, 2017.


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