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myfood24® & NNEdPro Partnership

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About myfood24®


Developed using robust methodologies, myfood24® is a digital nutrition analysis platform that automates the diet tracking and assessment process. Used by healthcare professionals, researchers and educators, myfood24 has been used by over 100,000 users in 10 countries to support research into a wide range of diet-related health conditions, from diabetes to heart disease.


The unique myfood24 food and drink dataset holds information on thousands of generic and branded items typically found in supermarkets, restaurants and other food outlets. Nutritional feedback on these items is provided instantly for over 100 macro and micronutrients including vitamins and minerals.


Unlike many other tools, this dataset has not been crowd-sourced. Instead, it has been meticulously created by a team of experts, quality checked for accuracy and validated against biomarkers. myfood24’s academic heritage, evidence-based validation and rigour mean that it provides accurate and credible results in research and clinical settings.


myfood24® is available as a web-based solution and a mobile app to support a wide range of use cases from research to student education to supporting patient treatment and recovery.


About NNEdPro


NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health is an independent and international think tank that believes everyone has the right to good nutrition. We develop adaptable and scalable educational models for strengthening nutrition capacity in food and health systems. Our educational programme trains frontline healthcare professionals around the globe. We also provide direct support to vulnerable families and communities on the ground.


NNEdPro draws on knowledge from over 50 organisational collaborations, including researchers from six of the world's leading academic institutions on nutrition. Our network includes social science, epidemiology, biomedical and nutrition expertise from the University of Cambridge, Ulster University and Imperial College London, and contributing members from specialist organisations such as the British Dietetic Association, the British Medical Journal, the Laboratory of the Government Chemist, and the Education & Research in Medical Nutrition Network. We also convene regional networks across six continents and collaborate with partners such as the World Health Organization and the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization.


As a collective, we influence whole food and health systems across the globe: from production to consumption and beyond into healthcare. We deliver training to food and health systems actors, including healthcare professionals worldwide, and all our work is underpinned by ground-breaking academic research.

Key current examples of partnership work


- Annual Foundation Certificate and Summer School in Applied Human Nutrition

Training in dietary assessment alongside physical nutrition assessment and nutrition KAP assessments for a multidisciplinary audience.


- Piloting of myfood24® in sociodemographic diverse population studies

Dietary assessment relating to adaptations of the Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative in India and across other Regional Networks.

Work with us


myfood24® and NNEdPro have partnered to deliver the best there is in dietary assessment technology for nutrition and health-related research and innovation. To work with us, please email or  

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