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NNEdPro & Jampolis Family Nutrition and Education Research Fund

The NNEdPro Global Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health is an independent and international think tank that believes everyone has the right to good nutrition. We develop adaptable and scalable educational models for strengthening nutrition capacity in food and health systems. Our education programme trains frontline healthcare professionals around the globe. We also provide direct support to vulnerable families and communities on the ground.

We convene regional networks across six continents and collaborate with partners such as the World Health Organization and the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization. As a collective, we influence whole food and health systems across the globe: from production to consumption and beyond into healthcare. We deliver training to food and health systems actors, including healthcare professionals worldwide, and all of our work is underpinned by ground-breaking academic and action research. 
One of our key Initiatives, the Mobile Teaching Kitchen, empowers communities by sharing knowledge and skills through the medium of nutrition education. It aims to enhance health and wellbeing for women, children and families across communities, especially working within marginalised communities.

After the success of the initiative in India and Mexico, NNEdPro and the MTK initiative received the 2022 Program Impact Award from the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior in the USA and with generous support from the Jampolis Family we will be extending our work to address food and nutrition insecurity in the United States, in line with the 2022 White House initiative.

We hope to build on the NNEdPro and Jampolis Family Nutrition Education and Research Fund by raising further and essential donor support to address malnutrition in all of its forms worldwide via our 10 regional networks and in line with the findings of multilateral organisations on the global needs assessment map on food and nutrition security.

Nutrition Reliance


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