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A Fun and Informative Way to Reiterate Our Mission Around Nutrition

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Written by Wanja Nyaga and Matheus Abrantes

Reviewed by Professor Sumantra Ray

Earlier this year, the UK MTK's soft launch in Cambourne paved the way for the NNEdPro-UK roadshow events in September in various parts of the UK, namely Cambridge, Belfast, Aberdeen and Dundee. The roadshow partnered with the University of Queensland, Center for Community Health & Wellbeing.

NNEdPro 15-Year Impact Report Launch – 12th September at the WHOCC at Imperial College

NNEdPro kicked off the month with a significant milestone – its 15-year impact report launch. Hosted at the WHOCC at Imperial College, this event provided a comprehensive overview of NNEdPro's journey, showcasing the organisation's significant contributions to nutrition education and innovation over the past decade and a half. Check it out.

Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative Event – 13th September at Fitzwilliam College at the University of Cambridge

On the following day, participants had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative. This event, held at Fitzwilliam College, delved into the innovative initiative to promote practical nutrition education worldwide. Attendees explored how this initiative makes a difference in the UK, Australia, and beyond.

CREATE Global E-Academy Launch Event – 15th September at St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge

15th September marked the launch of the CREATE Global E-Academy at the St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge. This event introduced an exciting platform for online education in the field of nutrition. With the launch of the E-Academy, NNEdPro is making nutrition education accessible to a global audience, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration in the digital age.

During the launch, members of the Modality partnership were awarded recognition certificates; Dr Vijaykumar, the National Research Lead for Modality Partnership, attended the launch event and shared on the impactful partnership between Modality and NNEdPro that continues to promote nutrition education for healthcare professionals.

Annual NNEdPro-NICHE Symposium – 19th September at Ulster University

One highlight of the month was the Annual NNEdPro-NICHE Symposium, held on 19th September at Ulster University. This symposium brought together experts, researchers, and educators worldwide to discuss global nutrition, health, and disease. Attendees had the chance to engage in insightful discussions and gain a deeper understanding of the latest advancements in the field.

Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative Workshop – 21st September

On 21st September, NNEdPro hosted a workshop on the Mobile Teaching Kitchen International Initiative. This workshop provided a deep dive into the programme's impact in the UK and offered valuable perspectives on its summative thinking in Australia. Attendees explored how hands-on nutrition education can empower communities and individuals to make healthier choices. On that day, we had the honour to meet the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, who extended his unwavering support, and esteemed researchers from the institute.

MTK Taste Testing Session – 22nd September in Dundee

Closing out the month, a taste testing session was held in Dundee on 22nd September. Participants had the opportunity to experience firsthand the culinary delights and nutritional benefits of the Mobile Teaching Kitchen's offerings. This interactive session highlighted the importance of practical, engaging nutrition education. The participants also filled in a proforma during the taste-testing session, and the results were extremely positive. You can check out the table here. Thank you to professional Chef Kantesh Chowdhury for his generous donation in making this session possible.


Nutrition roadshow events are a great way to learn about health and nutrition in a fun and engaging way. These events typically feature nutrition workshops, brainstorming sessions and taste testing. For the general audience, nutrition roadshow events are an excellent opportunity to meet with registered dietitians, nutritionists and other healthcare providers and to learn about the latest research on health and nutrition. Some additional activities that might take place at a nutrition roadshow include:

  • Interactive exhibits that facilitate learning about different foods and nutrients and how to make healthy choices.

  • Health screenings include checking blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health markers.

  • Nutrition counselling sessions where participants can talk to a registered dietitian or other nutrition expert about their individual needs and goals.

Following the successful roadshow events, new partnerships were formed, including with the Angus and Dundee Community College, where the first Culinary Training of the MTK will take place on the 8th of November. These partnerships help accelerate NNEdPro's efforts towards nutrition education and translation of research to applicable knowledge.

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