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IANE Webinar: The Importance of Optimal B-Vitamin Status for Health Across the Lifecycle

Author: Janice Man

Editors: Matheus Abrantes, Sarah Armes

Acknowledgement to: Mary Ward, Sarah Armes, Professor Sumantra Ray

The International Academy of Nutrition Educators (IANE) serves as a portal to a worldwide virtual community of professionals dedicated to advancing nutrition education and its impact on healthcare practices.

Recent IANE Webinar Highlights: Professor Mary Ward

In a recent IANE Webinar, Professor Mary Ward from Ulster University, who holds a BSc Hons in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, shared her expertise. As a dietitian and professor, she teaches food, nutrition and dietetics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Professor Mary Ward’s presentation focused on optimising specific B-vitamins (riboflavin, vitamin B6, Vitamin B12) to improve health outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • B12 status: Low B12 levels are common among infants, pregnant and lactating women and vegans/vegetarians. This deficiency can be due to inadequate intake of meat, malabsorption, gastric disease, pancreatic insufficiency, medications or alcohol abuse.

  • Riboflavin and blood pressure: Riboflavin plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Riboflavin deficiency is linked to a higher risk of developing hypertension.

  • Riboflavin and Vitamin B6: A deficiency in riboflavin is associated with poorer Vitamin B6 status and lower haemoglobin concentrations.

  • Bone health: Enhancing B-vitamin status, especially in individuals with low B12 levels, can benefit bone health.  

  • B12 and Vegans/Vegetarians: Due to a higher prevalence of B12 deficiency among vegans and vegetarians, supplements are recommended to meet the necessary B12 intake.

This webinar provided valuable insights into the importance of B-vitamins and their role in maintaining overall health, highlighting the need for proper intake and supplementation where necessary.

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