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From the Desk of the NNEdPro Chair: July-August 2019

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Reflecting on the summer of 2019 (so far) & current activities

The NNEdPro Summer Events in Cambridge were a resounding success thanks to the efforts of all those who came together to form a truly inspirational team with a palpable spirit and visible results that exceeded all expectations!

From 5-9 July July we trained 24 new individuals from various disciplines, drawn from far corners of the globe at the Cambridge Summer School – a Foundation Certificate Course in Applied Human Nutrition.

Following this we held a vibrant Global Strategy Workshop bringing together over 50 of the most involved members of NNEdPro to add a rich tapestry of views whilst also defining clear goals as we head towards 2020.

This year our 5th International Summit had a tremendous line up of both external and internal speakers and brought together over 100 delegates with special mini-symposia delivered by colleagues from the WHO Nutrition Directorate.

This complemented our recent workshop with interns at the WHO HQ in Geneva, the Swiss Re Institute and many others of exceeding calibre.

2019 has also been special as we hosted the 13th Congress of the International Society for Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics (ISNN) with planned scientific overlap between our international Summit and the ISNN Congress which cemented a number of synergies between Nutrition Education and Genetics/Genomics, paving the way for new collaborations.

Following our own Summer Events I had a the privilege of delivering a 5-day programme to 25 international students from far corners, in my NNEdPro linked role as Course Director in Nutrition Science for the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education.

Finally in July, along with other US/Canada based team members, we relaunched our US Regional Network alongside various other scientific inputs to the 52nd Society for Nutrition Education and Behaviour Conference in Orlando.

We have also completed the piloting of our IANE Membership Scheme with SNEB and Monash University and this opens up fully at the turn of this month.

In the second half of August we are running a series of events in two parts of India linked with our work there on Mobile Teaching Kitchens and the TIGR2ESS Programme – more updates in the next newsletter.

Our next set of events in 2019 will be clustered in November/December in Brighton, Cambridge and further afield in Newcastle (Australia) – stay tuned for updates.

Save the dates for Summer School & Summit 2020!

Missed this year? We are ready with next year’s edition of our Summer School and Summit so please mark your calendars now!

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