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Work: 2008-2016

NNEdPro’s Mission over 2008 to 2016 (Phases I-III) has been focussed on strengthening the foundations and application of nutrition knowledge, improving clinical and public health practice, through education, research and innovation.

Objective (i): Delivery of Medical/Healthcare Nutrition Education

Based on the above, NNEdPro projects and initiatives are currently grouped into six Outcome-based Themes:

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Global Innovation Work

Key Projects and Programmes of Work

Hydration4Health Nutrition Education Review Group Nutrition Vascular Studies NVS Experimental NVS Epidemiological NVS Translational

Objective (ii): Research into Medical/Healthcare Nutrition Education

Objective (iii): Nutrition Research for Translation to Medical/Healthcare Education

Objective (iv): Building Capacity and Policy Impact in Medical/Healthcare Nutrition for Practitioners, Researchers and Educators

Primary Themes (Drivers/Innovators)

Secondary Themes (Enablers/Satisfiers)

Theme (1): Medical Education and Leadership for Better Healthcare

Theme (2): Patient Safety, Health Services and Public Health

Theme (3): Evidence Based Management and Prevention of Disease

      (including [a] Cardio-Metabolic Risk Management and [b] Research Methods Training)

Theme (4): Value through Partnerships

Theme (5): Supporting Workforce Capacity

Theme (6): Promoting International Knowledge Exchange

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