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Prof Toni Vidal-Puig

Professor of Molecular Nutrition and Metabolism, Institute of Metabolic Sciences, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine | Honorary Consultant in Metabolic Medicine, Cambridge University Hospitals


Cambridge, UK

Antonio Vidal-Puig, MD, PhD, is Professor in Molecular Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Cambridge, and honorary consultant in metabolic medicine at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge. In parallel, Director of the Cambridge Phenomics Centre, a state-of-the-art center that applies multidisciplinary approaches to murine phenotyping and Associate Faculty at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. His programme of research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of lipid-induced insulin resistance and on developing strategies to prevent the deleterious effects of lipids, specifically by modulating fatty acid oxidation and thermogenic mechanisms. He specialized in endocrinology and his doctoral thesis studied the physiological and clinical correlates between insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism. Furthermore, he was awarded the Paul Dudley White Fellowship from the American Heart Association for his post-doctoral training at Harvard University, what supported his work with Dr David Moller and Prof Jeffrey Flier at the Beth Israel Hospital.


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Having published several key papers on the genetics and expression of PPARγ in human disease states and been appointed Instructor in Medicine at Harvard, Dr Vidal-Puig further broadened his scientific horizons with experience in mouse transgenesis and knockout techniques in Prof Brad Lowell’s group. In 2000 he moved to the University of Cambridge to establish his own laboratory and embarked on the development of a programme based on genetically modified mouse models of metabolic diseases.