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Nutrition Research and Innovation Consortium

For several years leading up to 2018 the NNEdPro Chair’s Nutrition and Vascular Studies Platform in combination with the NNEdPro Scientific Director’s Dietary Bioactives and Health Platform, formed the basis for an innovative consortium bringing together a unique combination of collaborators. This work received early recognition through a British Medical Association Research Foundation Award and has attracted significant support from a number of agencies including Research Councils.

We are always looking for interested individuals or orgnaisations who share our research interests as outlined above. If you would like to commission or collaborate on a specific research project that utilises our capabilities please do contact us. 


We also provide ample opportunities to deserving students, interns or scholars who may wish to undertake a piece of research including both undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation projects. If you are interested please contact us.



To undertake primary nutrition research through basic science, human interventions, population studies and evidence syntheses to inform health policy and practice.

Research Partners

Joint Leads – Prof Daniele Del Rio | Prof Shumone Ray [ Joint Deputies – Dr Giuseppe Grosso | Dr Rajna Golubic]

Key Themes – Nutrition and Vascular Studies | Nutrition and Global Challenge Studies | Nutrition and Health Education Studies*


  • NNEdPro @ Ulster University School of Biomedical Sciences and Global Nutrition, Health and Disease (GNHD) in the Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE)

        – Human Intervention Studies & Biomedical Sciences – S Ray, M Ward

  • NNEdPro @ University of Parma School of Advanced Studies in Food Sciences and Nutrition

        – Preclinical Studies & Food Sciences – D Del Rio, M Vacca

  • NNEdPro @ Imperial College London School of Public Health 

        – Epidemiological Studies & Population Health Sciences – K Ray, S Ray

  • NNEdPro @ HQ*** | @ University of Cambridge Schools of Arts, Humanities, Social and Biological Sciences****

        – Evidence Synthesis & Education Studies* | Interdisciplinary Studies & Social Sciences** – S Ray, I Tsimpli, S Fennel

  • NNEdPro @ Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC) 

        – Specialist Measurements – S Elahi


*Nutrition and Health Education Studies / Evidence Synthesis and Education Studies also overlap with NNEdPro Implementation Research and Consulting in Nutrition (IRCN)

**Interdisciplinary Studies and Social Sciences also overlap with the NNEdPro Nutritional Equity and Population Health (NEPH)

***NNEdPro Headquarters: St John's Innovation Centre in Cambridge

****Additional Cambridge links: Institute of Continuing Education, Wolfson College Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals, Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research Centres on Linguistic Sciences and on Global Food Security